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  • Videos? Love em’ V

    Salam, here we are a new post of the weekly (though delayed) series “Videos? Love em’”. In this post I will be introducing a couple of new categories, to make things a bit harder for myself In the Islam Category there will be two sub-categories, under ten minutes and over ten minutes. This I think…

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  • Videos? Love ’em III -Part II

    My favourite Video in the Islamic category this week is a German talk by the Imam Ferid Heider, who I have the pleasure of knowing personally, living in Berlin. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3CYZjfFubkM In this specific talk he talks about steadfastness which translates to thabat or Istiqama in Arabic. He says that every Muslim has to deal with…

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  • Discover Islam Week 2013

    On this Journey On this journey called life we seek the light to guide us through the stress and the strife, the light that stays with us through times of sadness and laughter. What is this thing called hereafter, that you chase after? While I chase the money, the fame and all I care about…

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