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  • Videos? Love em’ VI

    Another week, more favourites! Let’s get right into it. Islam under 10 minutes: This time a difficult decision based on the fact that I haven’t had much time this week so I’ve watched more videos under 10 minutes. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f8brwMpFlf8 “Brother Nouman Ali Khan explains beautifully that Dawah has Ethics too!” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cX9Wixbn0ls In this video we […]

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  • Videos? Love em’ V

    Salam, here we are a new post of the weekly (though delayed) series “Videos? Love em’”. In this post I will be introducing a couple of new categories, to make things a bit harder for myself In the Islam Category there will be two sub-categories, under ten minutes and over ten minutes. This I think […]

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  • Land of Confusion -Daily Post

    Do you mind if I smoke? Ehm no. Looking at the open window and his position next to it. I continue asking him about his day. Pertaining in some small talk, as some of my other room mates enter the kitchen. A box filled with beer, a vodka bottle, and a bottle of Pepsi, enters […]

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  • 1435 a.H

    A new year is upon us. New opportunities, new chances to do good, to change myself and my community to the better. Every so often I try to keep track of the Islamic date. Allah swt. tells us :2013-11-05 23:40:36 “God decrees that there are twelve months – ordained in God’s Book on the Day […]

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  • The Final Miracle – Nouman Ali Khan

  • Slam Poetry I – Allen Earnstyzz

    Die sind einfach toll, hab ich durch Pufpaffs Happy Hour gefunden, finde deren Auftritt dort ist genial gelungen, vor allem sieht man sie besser als bei der Meisterschaft.

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  • Entry I

    Salam, Sorry for the looong silence, it’s been a bit hectic the last few weeks. On Monday I boarded a coach at 5am in the morning starting my life as a first year ChemEng student. Because of that I’ve been unable to post anything this week, which is a regret but I hope I’ll make up […]

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  • Healing, Guidance, & Mercy – Mufti Menk – Quran Weekly

  • Videos? Love ’em III -Part II

    My favourite Video in the Islamic category this week is a German talk by the Imam Ferid Heider, who I have the pleasure of knowing personally, living in Berlin. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3CYZjfFubkM In this specific talk he talks about steadfastness which translates to thabat or Istiqama in Arabic. He says that every Muslim has to deal with […]

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  • Internet Security or Videos? Love ’em III -Part I

    Over the last few days I’ve become interested in Internet security again. I always get bouts of these interests that creep up and go after a while it seems. Anyway, I remembered a conversation with a friend a few years ago about the dark web. The internet that we normally access is the tip of […]

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