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Entry VI

Salam Alaykum,

sorry the last few weeks have been quite hectic, a lot has happened in a short amount of time, so that I don’t find enough time to write properly. So that these entries have been becoming more frequent, than proper thought out posts.

This month’s theme is “Being more truthful“, I will inshaAllah be uploading the first post on Wednesday. I hope that this month is going to be a little bit quieter, University wise though probably not, the elections are going to consume some time. Hustings start tomorrow apparently, so I need to get my designing hat on asap.

This evening I’ve been chilling with some of my brothers from the iSoc, I seriously love these guys for Allah swt. . Sitting and listening to them, just makes me be grateful for Allah swt. giving me the opportunity to be with these people. I ask you to make dua’ for those people that bring you closer to Allah swt. .


Wa Salam,


Entry III

Salam Alaykum,

today’s post is just a small update from me. First, as we’ve started a new month both in the Gregorian and the Islamic Calendar it is time for a new theme of the month. Which will be “Being more humble” inshaAllah.

The last few days I’ve been somewhat occupied, the hours not spending with my family, I spent on either something for the Isoc or learning something in one form or another. Which is a good thing, alhamdulillah. May Allah keep our intentions pure. Amin.

The latest thing I’ve designed for the Isoc, is for a class that’ll be on every Monday. It’s called each one teach one, the aim is to pretty much make students of knowledge out of us inshaAllah. I’m excited, though also a bit nervous, apprehensive even. Here’s the poster…

Each1 Teach1

The next few things will probably include something for a  workshop and the Discover Islam Week, we’ll see.

Tomorrow morning it’s going back to university, I am home in Nottingham for the weekend by the way. My coach leaves at 8:30 or so, if I remember right and I’ll arrive around 11:00.

The weekend passed way to quickly. I heard that in San Francisco’s Bay area Salatul Istisqa (The Prayer for rain) was prayed yesterday, there’s been a 3 year draught there. Today it did rain a bit may Allah make it beneficial for them and send more of it wherever it is needed, whether it is in Africa, Asia, Europe, America, wherever people live. Amin.

It just reminded me of how granted we take the rain here in England, subhanallah wa Alhamdulillah. (Glory be to Allah and all praise and gratitude is for Allah)

That’s it from me for today, starting tomorrow the new theme “Being more humble” is going to be rolled out.

Till then inshaAllah,

Wa Salam,