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In the name of God

In the name of God, the Lord of Mercy, the Giver of Mercy.

O’ Lord of Mercy shower mercy upon your subjects, your slaves.

O’ Giver of Mercy, all the Praise and all Thankfulness are due to You.

O’ You who are the Most Forgiving, forgive us for our hearts have blackened. Our hearts have hardened and we’ve forgotten how to cry.

O’ You who are the Most Wise the All-knowing you know our situation better than we do ourselves. Know our innermost, our deepest secrets, our stench that we try to hide from people. You are with us, You witness what we do, You see what we do.

You know of the injustices that we’ve inflicted on those weaker than us, whether that is to the children from around the corner or the children in Syria, in CAR, in Palestine, the list is endless my Lord. I stand in front of You knowing that you have witnessed my inactivity, my drowsiness, my sleep in comfort, my feeding myself while I’ve forgotten about my neighbour, my brother and my sister.

You are the One who created us, gave shape to us, provides for us. Indeed I have failed in the words You commanded those before us and us to say „My Prayers and my devotion, my living and my dying are all for God, Lord of All the Worlds“ You witnessed how I have forgotten countless times over and over again.

I had forgotten…

O’ King of All Kings, King of All the Worlds, grant Jannat ul Firdaws to those who die in your path, to my brothers and sisters all over the world. Grant those who have distanced themselves from You the Ability, the Guidance, the Will, the Determination to come back to You and strengthen them. Grant patience to those in difficulty, those who have lost someone, those who are dealing with the great tests You have given to them. You do not burden a soul more than it can take.

You O’ Allah are the Most Just, the Most High.

Amin, Ya rabbil A’lameen.

Videos? Love em’ XII

Salam Alaykum,

another weeks gone by and if I’m honest I’ve been quite busy with exam preparation and had my first exam today.

Yeah well I did not expect it to be that hard : / inshaAllah khair. Lets trod on my fav videos this week.


under 10 min

over 10 minutes



Let’s remind ourselves of and constantly make dua’ for our brothers and sister in Syria and all over the world. A friend of mine was at that refugee camp a while ago with the Human Relief Foundation. Help out as much as you can insha Allah, there is the Syrian Winter Blankets Appeal, or the Syria Appeal at Islamic Relief for example where you can donate. Or as featured here before there’s also Syria Relief a charity founded by Syrians, registered Charity in the UK, dedicated to do ground work in Syria to support families and individuals.

Motion Graphics


There you go my favourite videos of the week or the recent day and couple of hours. First time embedding a tweet, let’s see if I find some more interesting ways to use certain elements that I haven’t used yet.

Wa Salam,

Imam Siraj Wahaj

Imam Siraj Wahaj



this Sunday I had the opportunity to listen to Imam Siraj Wahaj live.

The Charity Syria Relief in cooperation with Al-Buruj Press and Al-Hakim brought him back to the United Kingdom for the first time in 13 years. They raised £60000 before the Imams talk and after an encouragement talk by Ustadh Abdel-Rahman Mussa.

Please donate to it inshaAllah.

You can listen to the talk below, you may need to turn up the volume all the way up, didn’t have my recorder with me my phone had to do.

[audio: https://dl-web.dropbox.com/get/Imam%20Siraj%20Wahaj.mp3?w=AACrLCuaZqu1Etd5e0Ray0L3SwPJFB8FM8nkU_FAZ2Ph2g]



Wa Salam,