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Videos? Love em’ XIV

Salam Alaykum,

so here’s my belated favourite videos of the week, sorry again!

This week I mainly watched the subscription videos on Bayyinah.tv, they’re amazing whether it’s on learning Arabic or The Quran Translation in Flow (Cover-to-Cover), they just suck you in. So to be honest I haven’t watched much else, here however is what I have seen this week.


under 10 minutes:
Taking Off Your Hijab

Over 10 minutes:
Dunia Shuaib – Women Scholars of Islam

Manhood and Womanhood in Islam – Sheikh Yassir Fazaga & Sheikha Yasmin Mogahed

This is actually a video that I first watched around Ramadhan or shortly after it last year, it stayed with me for quite a bit and I actually wanted my last post to incorporate a lot of what is said here and what I’ve heard other Imams and dai’s say but it was getting to long anyway.

Islam Is Not A Religion Of Peace

Motion Graphics

Yes I know I know, not exactly Motion Graphics

That’s it folks I’m out for the day.
Jazakallahu khairan for reading,
Wa Salam,