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Virtues of Salah I


Salam Alaykum everyone!
I hope you are all well and ready for the start of this new Challenge. #ComeToThePrayer on the virtues of Salah.
Here’s a question, “Why do we pray?”
I’m sure everyone has their own reasons why we pray, but The Reason we pray above all, is that Allah (swt.) commanded us to do so. In Surah An-Nisa Allah (swt.) says: Verily the Prayer is enjoined upon the believers at appointed times.

The Arabic word for prayer is [صلاة], which linguistically means supplication or dua’. Legally however it is a set of well-known actions and statements that begins with the Takbeer and ends with the Tasleem.
Allah (swt.) the One who created us. He is the One who gave us everything we had, we have and will have, He doesn’t ask much of us in return. He asks us to believe in Him and worship only Him, to do good deeds, to urge one another to the truth and to urge one another to steadfastness. Prayer is a part of that, just 25 minutes minimum a day, for the One who has given us everything.

Let’s thank Him, let’s worship Him as He has asked us to. No matter whether we have never prayed before or have prayed all our lives. Let’s give new strength to our prayer, knowing why we pray.
In the UK Maghrib is fast approaching at 19:38, let’s pray it as if it was our last prayer.


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