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Next door

Door to the universe

Next door lives a dragon

Next door lives the batman

Next door lives the police

Next door, Next door, Next door

Next door lives a teacher, preparing for his lecture

leaving 7am in the morning

returning late, stressed and underpaid

Next door lives a 5-headed family

with a sick father, a working mother and 3 little children

living on the brink

Next door lives my best friend

known him for ages, through thick and thin

I treasure him.

Next door, Next door, Next door

Next door is a world away

Next door is another reality

Next door is a life lived

Next door, Next door, Next door

A man is not a believer

who fills his stomach while his neighbour

is hungry.

On the Contrary let him who believes in Allah and the last Day

be generous, be kind to his neighbour, who lays

forty houses in front of  him, forty houses behind him

forty houses on the right and forty houses on the left.

Next Door.

A breath of mind