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Make Me Smile

You know smiling is a Sunnah

It makes life seem a lot funnier

But what makes me smile and laugh

are the people in my life

The moments that are carved in my heart

A new start, the birth of a human heart

The ease in a moment of strife

when things get a little tough

But even in times of hardness and sadness

keep smiling and prevailing

Know that this is a test of patience

This life won’t be smooth sailing

Let’s make each other smile

Its so worthwhile

’cause time is fleeting

so let’s stop fighting

instead extend a warm greeting

File this away for ever,

Let’s smile together.

Zero to Hero?

Salam Alaykum and a warm welcome to all new and old readers,

The wonderful and inspiring people over at the dailypost have a new program/course this January called Zero to Hero: 30 Days to a better blog. I deliberated on whether I should take part in it or not. On one hand it seemed like a good idea especially since I want to blog everyday of 2014.

On the other hand I thought that I may struggle integrating it into this blog, it seemed to be more aimed at bloggers that are just starting out or have been inactive for a while. While I don’t think I can not benefit from it, indeed I think of myself as a beginner in blogging, it just wouldn’t be a linear transition, it won’t fully fit into this blog overall.

On top of that it is January the month of those Most Gruelling and Exhausting Muggle Exams, so I really have no time to do that as well, considering my first Exam is on Tuesday.

What I will do instead is pick and choose a few things/topics etc., for example see that new and shiny widget in the sidebar? Yes, I pretty much ripped it off, a big THANK YOU for that. My theme/motto this month is about “Being Thankful” after all, so there a show of my appreciation.

I mainly blog about my Faith Islam in correlation to my life and occasionally about problems that I see in myself as well as in the Society/Community. I try myself at a daily prompt at least once weekly. I am also a video freak and feature my favourite videos of the week every Tuesday in a couple of categories. Thursdays are my Deutscher Donnerstag,  those are most likely going to be a commentary on the show Bambule on ZDF (Second German Television). They do have a range of very interesting topics though are in a winter break currently.

Due to my being a student and being utterly disorganised, most of  my posts go up around midnight 😀

Thank you for reading, comments are always welcome.

I'm a Zero to Hero Blogger!

Also check out my About me page

#January – Being thankful

Wa Salam,



Salam guys do you remember my schedule? Yeah? No? Me neither. A few months back I told myself that I would upload at least 3 posts per week and 1 video every day.

At the end of Ramadan, I had the idea to document my year up to Ramadan this year on video and I started this after my exams but had a lot of breaks similar with my posts here on the blog.

So, 3 posts per week, sounds quite a lot to me now but I want to get there. For the next few weeks I’m going to take it slow though, with 2 posts and whatever else my mind churns out.


Wa Salam.

A series of events

It is Wednesday the 27th of March, until this evening everything was fine, no problems at all, everything ran smoothly like a smooth milkshake down my throat. Then my sister comes downstairs and tells me my “Ntldr is missing, press crtl+Alt+del to restart.” I promptly chase after her a tickling fight ensues. After which I check on my laptop, and find my “Ntldr is missing” indeed not just that my Operating System can’t be found either.

OS can't be found


Turns out the computer can’t find my hard drive though the bios does, it means that there actually is a chance of fixing it but I’ve given up finding the solution. From Knoppix and testdisk to a dos flash usb  and a bios update that doesn’t execute. So anyway, long story short, I’ve tried a lot of things. Didn’t get much sleep and the sleep I did get was on my brothers mattress which he switched out for mine when I was in Bradford…it hurts.

Then tonight the 28th, I had the bright idea to go to Hell Night, well it turned out to be one I called out to Allah a couple hundred times, I felt so sick. Well let me explain first. Hell Night is one night during the week filled with muscle and strength training for a solid three hours.

Well having not taken part in a Hell Night in about half a year I was quite a bit rusty and overdid it from the start so that about ten minutes in I was ready to throw up, felt dizzy and needed to sit down.

So I did ten  minutes resting I felt okay again wanted to at least do some things so I got into a routine of one exercise and about 20 minutes of resting. That went on until I had a bright Idea again, to do the chicken walk that we all have a love/hate relationship with. Across a distance of around 30-50 meters and then a set of stairs up.

At around the middle of that step I couldn’t go on stood up nearly fell backwards and sat down, got down from the raised step onto the ground on top of the stairs and laid down till I nearly froze took some time getting some heat back into my body. Alhamdulillah I survived. Need to make sure to eat the right thing and take it slow.

Wa Salam,