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2/365 | T’was an accident

T’was an accident
I swore, when I gazed at her
Coming up for air
Forgot to breathe then and there
My heart went silent
I swear she just stole my heart,
She’s just way too smart
fed it to a butterfly,
watched it Fly and left me dry

In my research for the extended version I looked at the Fiqh of Love so to speak and found some interesting quotes.

“Verily, I was blessed with love for her.”

Prophet Muhammad (saw.)
“From the accidents of love is the violent anxiety and silencing intensity of feeling which overcome the lover when he sees the beloved avoiding him and eschewing him and the signs of that is sighing and lack of vivacity and sobbing and having deep sighs.”

Ibn Hazm (Rah.)


“If you haven’t loved passionately or known the meaning of desire then get up and eat hay for you are nothing but a donkey!”

 Ibn ul Qayyim (Rah.)
“O Ameer ul Mu’mineen, I’m in love with her!
Umar (ra.): “It’s not in your hands, what can I do for you?””

(related by Ibn Hazm)
“And from misery is that you love, and the one who you love, loves other than you, or that you want good for a person and s/he wants to hurt you”

 Imam Shafi’i (Rah.)
“Love is not limited with a clearer limitation than love itself. Love cannot be described with a better description than love…”

Ibn ul Qayyim (Rah.)

1/365 | Here’s to New Adventures

Bismillahi Ar-Rahmani Ar-Raheem
Al-Hamdu lillahi Rabbi Al-Alameen
In the name of Elohim
All Praise is due to Him

With this I begin
Far away from sin
With a clean slate
T’was truly fate

Almost drowned in mistakes
followed so many fakes
Soul sold in the pursuit
for a 7-2 offsuit

Then, I caught a break
realised there was more at stake
turned a new leaf
Cause he will arrive
like a thief in the night
God’s work is seen in the sights
In the mountains so firm and majestic
in the simplicity of a child so innocent and authentic
in the complexity of life.

Life’s a bundle of choices and voices
Choose your Adventures wisely.
Here’s to new Adventures!

A letter A week?


Salam Alaykum,

I have been practicing lettering more and more. It is something that has always interested me and I have been looking into the work of Sean McCabe lately. He is releasing a course on lettering on Monday and uploaded a free sneak peek in form of his second episode of the series Learning Lettering.

As a student, who does designing on the side, I don’t think I will be able to afford it at the moment, but I’ll have to see. He also runs a podcast on Creativity and Business which I hope to get into, listening regularly once I can fix up my lack of organisation at the moment.

I thought I might be able to upload some of my tries at lettering, calligraphy etc. once every week on this blog. Maybe with a few thoughts on the Quote? Let’s see, till next week inshaAllah!

Wa Salam,