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recently I’ve been interested in Podcasts, asking myself whether that’s still a thing. I mean I remember, when everyone changed from MP3 player to iPod, Podcasts were popular. Or at least I perceived them to be, so what about now? Do People still listen to them? Do you?

In my search, I came up on an article by Creative Muslims showcasing ten Muslim Podcasts. Which I found quite cool, however most of them are now defunct including the Podcast Muslimmatters had and Onelegacyradio which I quite enjoyed when I found it, also seem to be defunct now.

So here’s my list of Podcasts that I find interesting and will inshaAllah try to listen in on from time to time. Note: That they are listed here does not mean that I endorse them or agree with all of their views. 


Wuduroom – “Trying to get purified”
At episode 89 at the time of writing one of the most interesting ones I’v come across and have been following regularly from episode 80 onwards.

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Fajr Reminders

Fajr Reminders 

A daily Podcast with important reminders, given by Sheikh Mirza Yawar Baig.

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The Ilm Show / Becoming A Better Muslim

Our motto is simple: “Live Islam. Change your life.”

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Prophetic Guidance

Prophetic Guidance – Logical Progressions

A course now going into the 2nd year taught by Sheikh Abu Eesa Niamatullah. The online course is live every wednesday on the Prophetic Guidance website.

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Bayyinah Podcast

Bayyinnah Institute

Enrichment and Education is what Bayinah is about, I also recommend Bayyinah.tv a subscription type video library featuring what is in my opinion the best resource in the english language about the Quran and learning of Arabic at the moment.

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Qalam Podcast

Qalam Institute

Qalam Institute provides Islamically based direction to provide relevant and successful solutions to issues facing individuals, families, and communities. Hosted by Sheikh Abdul Nasir Jangda.

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Hey! That’s my Hummus! –  “Blowing Things Up and Jacking Up Prices. Also? Not a cooking show.”

“If a Jew and a Muslim walked into a podcast you get, well… this podcast.”

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IslamPodcast –  “Islamische Inhalte hören und erleben.”

This is a podcast in the German language, unfortunately not many instalments are available as of now. (it might be on Hiatus)

Islam in Deutschland

Islam in Deutschland / Islamisches Wort

Was glauben Muslime – und wie prägt dieser Glaube das Leben der Gläubigen? Darüber geben muslimische Männer und Frauen Auskunft im “Islam in Deutschland”.


The Deen Show

The Deen Show

While its podcast isn’t that updated anymore I thought I’d still share this show because of its Youtube channel.

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Qran Weekly

Quran Weekly

Quran Weekly’s vision is to become the primary contributor for enlivening hearts and enriching minds through Qur’anic advocacy. The iTunes library is put together by Muslim Central Media, I’ve enjoyed the Youtube Channel extensively.

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wa Salam,


Videos? Love em’ VIII

Salam all,

here are my favourite videos of this week!


Over 10 min
Truthfulness In Islam – Mufti Menk

Under 10 min
HE Cares About YOU! | Nouman Ali Khan | Short Advice


Javon Johnson – “cuz he’s black” (NPS 2013)

S*** is used once at 0:16

Strange Shakes

A prequel to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f-VZEC0GIMA


The Work of Zina Nicole Lahr

“On November 20, 2013 Zina passed away due to a hiking accident in Ouray, CO. After the funeral I revisited the footage and made this short as an attempt to capture her personality and creativity. I never planned to release it online but now I have a chance to share her and her creations with all of you! … The response to this video is incredible and completely unexpected! Cindy (Zina’s mother), her family, and I are so blown away by all of this and I want to thank everyone who is taking the time to celebrate the life of my precious friend.
I have received an incredible amount of emails from people who are wishing to donate to the Zina Lahr Memorial Fund. So if you wish to help the family of Zina Lahr you can call the Citizen’s State Bank of Ouray Colorado at (970) 325-4352. You can also donate to the Weehawken Creative Arts Zina Lahr Memorial Scholarship. All the money for this scholarship helps kids pay for art classes in the within Weehawken Creative Arts program located on the western slope of Colorado. Zina did an incredible amount of volunteer work for this wonderful non profit. From props to set pieces Zina was the magic behind it! More info here! weehawkenarts.org/ or you can email Stephanie Wallen stephanie@weehawkenarts.org
Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

Just Like Magic

Motion Graphics

Star Moon Airline
Onfair Festival

That’s it for this week

Ma3a Salama,