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Zero to Hero?

Salam Alaykum and a warm welcome to all new and old readers,

The wonderful and inspiring people over at the dailypost have a new program/course this January called Zero to Hero: 30 Days to a better blog. I deliberated on whether I should take part in it or not. On one hand it seemed like a good idea especially since I want to blog everyday of 2014.

On the other hand I thought that I may struggle integrating it into this blog, it seemed to be more aimed at bloggers that are just starting out or have been inactive for a while. While I don’t think I can not benefit from it, indeed I think of myself as a beginner in blogging, it just wouldn’t be a linear transition, it won’t fully fit into this blog overall.

On top of that it is January the month of those Most Gruelling and Exhausting Muggle Exams, so I really have no time to do that as well, considering my first Exam is on Tuesday.

What I will do instead is pick and choose a few things/topics etc., for example see that new and shiny widget in the sidebar? Yes, I pretty much ripped it off, a big THANK YOU for that. My theme/motto this month is about “Being Thankful” after all, so there a show of my appreciation.

I mainly blog about my Faith Islam in correlation to my life and occasionally about problems that I see in myself as well as in the Society/Community. I try myself at a daily prompt at least once weekly. I am also a video freak and feature my favourite videos of the week every Tuesday in a couple of categories. Thursdays are my Deutscher Donnerstag,  those are most likely going to be a commentary on the show Bambule on ZDF (Second German Television). They do have a range of very interesting topics though are in a winter break currently.

Due to my being a student and being utterly disorganised, most of  my posts go up around midnight 😀

Thank you for reading, comments are always welcome.

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#January – Being thankful

Wa Salam,