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Thank the People

Our society is very consumer oriented, what I mean by that is when we pay for a laptop we’re not supposed to get a phone. We paid good money after all, no matter how one might try to sugar coat it  it’s not going to suddenly become a laptop, at least not yet. The power of money is known to everyone, the customer is king. No matter how horrible the customer is, the customer is “always” right.

However within all this capitalist market thinking, we’ve lost the value of a simple “Thank you”. “Thank you for your work today.” “Your presentation was great.” “Thank You for the cup of tea.” We’ve got loads to be thankful for, that people don’t have to do for us but still do, whether it’s part of their company profile or not. No matter how big or small.

I think we’re taking a lot of things for granted, yes granted we paid for the service but still it would all just go smoother with a please and thank you. We’ve become quite arrogant about it too, “I don’t need to thank him/her, they’re just doing their job!”. They are but you could also just be a nice person and make your and his/her day better by being the only one all day to thank him/her for the service provided.

Abu Hurairah ra. narrated that the Messenger of Allah said :
“Whoever is not grateful to the people, he is not grateful to Allah.”

[Sahih Tirmidhi]

It is manifest in Islam in words that every Muslim knows knowledgeable or not even many non-Muslims I’m sure have heard them wondering what it meant.

Usama Ibnu Zaid ra. reports: The Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) said:

“Whoever some good was done to him, and he says: ‘May Allah reward you in goodness’ (Jazakallahu Khairan) then he has done the most that he can of praise.

[Hasan Tirmidhi]

To not be grateful for the things that the people around you do for you, may be a sign of you not going to be grateful for the things that God has given you in abundance. The Prophet saw. is our role model he was sent to us to perfect our character. So let us whenever someone does something for us, be it small or big,  thank him or make a small dua’ (supplication) for him or her.

Exchange little gifts to show your appreciation and love for certain people. Tell them you appreciate what they’re doing for you and lighten up their and your day.

I understand it’s hard, I know especially for us males. I remember during Ramadan listening to Dr. Tariq Ramadan’s podcast, he used to always end it with “and don’t forget to tell the people you love that you love them”. It’s sad, I realised then how rarely I’ve told my parents or my siblings that I love them. So this is a reminder for myself and for you to do so often, to do so as long as you can.

#January – Being Thankful

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