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Preview: The Noble Quran in Motion


Alhamdulillah I’ve received my camera, a Canon 600D last week. I’m currently trying to get familiar with it, its different modes, learning about setting the aperture, ISO and focal length and generally getting a feel for it.

I’ve had some previous experience with Adobe After Effects, but now with high quality equipment I want to professionalise my skills. This is a 7 second preview of a Work in Progress, it will be around a minute in lenght once it’s finished inshaAllah.


Wa Salam,


Videos? Love em’ IX


Sorry about the last few days more about that later though, first let me present this weeks videos.


under 10 minutes:
RISTalks Short: “Be Human” by Imam Suhaib Webb

RISTalks Short: “You and I are not qualified for those debates” by Ustad Nouman Ali Khan at RIS 2012

Over 10 minutes:
Prophet Muhammad’s (S) Love For Us – Sheikh Bilal Assad



Offline is a short disaster comedy film that takes the very real threat of losing your internet connection and treats it like it’s the actual end of the world.


As I’m getting a camera soon, I’ve been somewhat obsessed with videos about cameras and being interested in what cameras and lenses people used for their videos, more so than before. This video is shot with a canon 550D and a Sigma 18-200 II and a Helios 44m 58mm f2. I’m going to have the 600D inshaAllah, and I already have the  Helios lens from a SLR camera that I got very cheap, what’s missing is an adapter so I can use it on the DSLR.

Motion Graphics


Of course I’m going to be partial to this new video, from the group I train with (but haven’t properly, for almost half a year now :/ )

Videos? Love em’ VIII

Salam all,

here are my favourite videos of this week!


Over 10 min
Truthfulness In Islam – Mufti Menk

Under 10 min
HE Cares About YOU! | Nouman Ali Khan | Short Advice


Javon Johnson – “cuz he’s black” (NPS 2013)

S*** is used once at 0:16

Strange Shakes

A prequel to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f-VZEC0GIMA


The Work of Zina Nicole Lahr

“On November 20, 2013 Zina passed away due to a hiking accident in Ouray, CO. After the funeral I revisited the footage and made this short as an attempt to capture her personality and creativity. I never planned to release it online but now I have a chance to share her and her creations with all of you! … The response to this video is incredible and completely unexpected! Cindy (Zina’s mother), her family, and I are so blown away by all of this and I want to thank everyone who is taking the time to celebrate the life of my precious friend.
I have received an incredible amount of emails from people who are wishing to donate to the Zina Lahr Memorial Fund. So if you wish to help the family of Zina Lahr you can call the Citizen’s State Bank of Ouray Colorado at (970) 325-4352. You can also donate to the Weehawken Creative Arts Zina Lahr Memorial Scholarship. All the money for this scholarship helps kids pay for art classes in the within Weehawken Creative Arts program located on the western slope of Colorado. Zina did an incredible amount of volunteer work for this wonderful non profit. From props to set pieces Zina was the magic behind it! More info here! weehawkenarts.org/ or you can email Stephanie Wallen stephanie@weehawkenarts.org
Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

Just Like Magic

Motion Graphics

Star Moon Airline
Onfair Festival

That’s it for this week

Ma3a Salama,

Videos? Love em’ VI

Another week, more favourites! Let’s get right into it.


under 10 minutes:

This time a difficult decision based on the fact that I haven’t had much time this week so I’ve watched more videos under 10 minutes.

1. That’s not how you call people to good!

“Brother Nouman Ali Khan explains beautifully that Dawah has Ethics too!”

2. Legacy of Islam in China

In this video we are told a little bit about our lost history in China. The hui Muslims have always fascinated me, once I found out that there was a Muslim Chinese admiral leading a fleet of ships way bigger than that of Columbus.

Over 10 minutes:

Motion Graphics

Part of the television series “The Revolution will be Televised” and animated by Sweet Crude.

My second favourite, has a very smooth animation and like a commenter said has the design by apple feel. I just like it.


It is once again a shortfilm by PJ Liguori, which has captured this spot. A story about how he writes stories.


Big Man is an interesting short film, about how seemingly innocent actions through the eyes of a child can have serious consequences. I laughed at the point where the TV shut off and the boy moaned NEPA (National Electric Power Authority) as I understand though it has been dissolved for a while now. My last trip to Nigeria was a long time ago, during my second year at school. We went for 6 months so I did get to experience a bit of Nigerian life. InshaAllah soon again.

Ghost Town, was surprising to me. The style of the video is very different from what I expected, what I’m used to from most Sports related videos.


Esprit es-tu la? Asks where the original spirit of Parkour has gone, where 99% of all videos devolve to showing off instead of community building, instead of mental and physical training in foreground. I guess that is why I wanted to get involved in it, the final push into training was this video below.

Wa Salam,



Videos? Love ’em IV

It’s back on again folks!

The “Videos? Love em'” series, is back every week inshaAllah. This weeks decision was once again a hard one. With my being occupied with university, the number of videos I’ve been watching decreased rapidly. Meaning, I just got around to watching the many good videos, that were uploaded weeks ago.

This edition is going to be laden with motion-graphics and it has absolutely nothing to do with my being in love with the art. (ha) So without further ado, I give you my favourite clips this week.

The first video in the Category Islamic, is a promo for an event. It is going to take place at the end of December and is organised by Alkauthar and Mercy Mission. (ado, ado, ado…)

I must say I’m quite jealous that I won’t be able to hear Amal Ahmad Albaz. She is one of the first Muslim slam poets I encountered on my search, after getting interested in Slam Poetry. Here is one of her videos.

I like the tranquillity exhumed by the video, the smooth transitions with the nicely chosen audio. Overall a good experience, and I hope the ladies have fun inshaAllah.

The second video, I watched a little over a week ago. Ten minutes before Fajr, a small cut out of a talk by Sheikh Saad Tasleem. I truly love him for the sake of Allah. He’s a cool cat. MashaAllah.

The talk was exactly what I needed when I first heard it. Strengthening my resolve to make better use of my nights, instead of reading Fan-fiction the whole night.

In the non-Islamic category, again two motion graphic shows.

First up, is NBC’s The Blacklist “Classified” trailer by Patrick Clair who produces absolutely brilliant content. The stuxnet video I featured in “Internet Security or Videos? Love em’ III” is also one of his creations.

I’ve got no words to describe it, everything just fits together. I think I might check out the Series, the 8th episode was just aired shouldn’t be too  hard to get caught up.

The second video is somewhat related to the recent NSA scandals. It tries to highlight the contradiction in our demanding transparency from organizations, such as Google, in the way our privacy is ensured. With us being our worst enemies in keeping information, about ourselves private on services such as Facebook.


Wa Salam,