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Humility to God

Salam Alaykum,

I’ve anounced it weeks ago here it finally is, may it be beneficial to both you and me. Amin.

“Call on Your Lord with humility and in private, He does not like those who exceed His bounds“

[The Heights 7:55]

Humility to God includes that one realises and understands that He is our Creator, He is the One who supplies us with all our necessities, our sustenance. This needs to be realised over and over again, we need to internalise it.

We need to submit to Him in every action that we do:

“Say, my prayers and devotions, my living and my dying are all for God, Lord of all the Worlds.” [6:162]

We can’t talk about humility to anyone without first having humility to Allah swt. as the One who created us and gave us everything that we have whether we see it as good or bad. Everything that we have gained is a favour from Him and everything we’ve lost is a favour from Him.
Contemplating on the complexities of life should humble us of the greatness of Allah swt. in the Quran it is said:

O people an example has been struck, so listen carefully: those who you call on besides Allah could not, even if they combined all of their forces, create a fly, and if a fly took something away from them, they would not be able to retrieve it.

This Verse is quite interesting. Firstly, the passive is used, removing the One who gave the example. Telling the people to just think logically, to not let their conceived notions come in between their thinking. Secondly, it uses a small creation telling us to be humble, we could never create something even as small as a fly. Thirdly, it highlightes our inability to change anything that Allah swt. wants, by giving the example of a fly, acting beyond our and any of our false gods controls.

Ibn Al Qayyim says this about humility,

“There are two realities which we must fully grasp in order to be truly characterized with the noblest characteristic of humility. First and foremost is to come to truly know Allah’s perfection, His abundant favors upon us and how we are fully dependent upon Him. Secondly, we have to come to know ourselves, where we come from and our numerous weaknesses and shortcomings.”

Finally the Prophet saw. said:

“God only increases a person in status if he forgives, and no one ever humbles himself before God but He will raise him in status.” (Muslim)


Wa Salam,


The hot sun rises

Thanking God for the rain clouds

Wait we’re in England

Somewhere someone dies

No clean water can be found

We complain daily

 Don’t  you think about
The Colourless sip of Gold
Favours of your lord

Children are laughing

The splashing sound of water

A smile on your face

So which of the favours of your Lord would you deny?
[Quran 55:38]

#January – Being Thankful