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New Series: Differences between Muslims – Khutba

As Salamu Alaikum and Jummah Mubarak,

over the years of being in England I’ve recorded certain talks, events, khutbas, reminders etc. as of now they’re numbering over 200. In Ramadan 2 or 3 years ago a number of ideas popped into my mind that I wanted to realize, but didn’t have the expertise needed to do that. So I didn’t, I wrote them down but didn’t do anything towards making them a reality. One of them was a mosque finder app and website which you can find quite easily now and the app by muslimehelfen (muslimhelp)  in Germany, released last year, is even close design wise to what I was thinking of.

With regards to the recordings, initially they were just for me to revise from and listen to, however I also wanted others to benefit from them so thought to put them online some day and dedicate a website to it. Maybe in the future inshaAllah, for now however I’ll take one step towards that goal and upload them here.

So from this Friday on inshaAllah, I’m going to upload a few of my recordings starting with last weeks Jummah Khutba at the University of Bradford.

Turn up your volume.

Wa Salam,