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Videos? Love ’em XVIII

new installment of Videos? Love ’em here!
Let’s view some right now, once again in the categories Islam in both under and over 10 minutes, Shortfilms, Youtube, Parkour and Motion Graphics. Here are my favourite videos this week!


under 10 minutes

This is the second part of a 4 part interview with Mujahid Fletcher from Islam in Spanish. MashaAllah the work they do is amazing.

over 10 minutes

A very important topic that I’m glad is being talked about by two people versed in psychology.



Subhanallah her story moved me, may Allah grant us health and keep us steadfast forgive us and protest us from Alzheimers and all other diseases except that He grants us Jannat ul Firdaws because of being patient with it.



This guy!

That’s it from me this week till next!
Ma’a Salama,