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Videos? Love ’em XXVI

Salam Alaykum,

here are my favourite videos this week. As usual in the categories Islam in over and under 10 minutes, Youtube, Shorts, Vimeo, Motion Graphics and Parkour.


Under 10 minutes

A reminder for us that we are going to meet Allah swt., what are we going to say to Him? Do we have brought with us enough provisions? Do we realise that we long for Him? Then what have we done to deserve meeting Him, to deserve seeing Him swt. or do we try to fill this void with our desires of the world, ignoring our longing.

Over 10 minutes

This khutba is a small discussion of a snippet of Ayat 15 of Surah Al-Ahqaf.
“We have commanded man to be good to his parents – his mother struggled to carry him and struggled to give birth to him; his bearing and weaning took a full thirty months – and when he has grown to manhood and reached the age of forty to say, ‘Lord, help me to be truly grateful for Your favours to me and to my parents; help me to do good work that pleases You; make my offspring good. I turn to You; I am one of those who devote themselves to You.’”
[Quran 46:15]


A great concept, that has been redone. How would Spider-Man get around if his webs are used up? He of course is an accomplished traceur. Busting his moves in this nice video, with amazing shots.


This video truly was my favourite this week. I’m extremely happy for the brother, Mabruk. I’ve only known him through his videos and his blog but his sincerity and love for Islam, the Muslims and what he does shine through. MashaAllah, and I ask Allah swt. that he makes their marriage be one of tranquillity and love. I ask that He swt. makes them find the coolness of their eyes in their partner and keep them on the straight path, Amin.


This video beautifully captures the story step-by-step behind the craft of weaving silk and the hard work that these women do a lot of it by hand to make a scarf or pillow case.

Motion Graphics

In the style of an old instruction video, this instruction video instructs the attentive student the craft behind the illusion of life. These 12 principles were developed by the ‘old men’ of Walt Disney Studios, amongst them Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnston, during the 1930s as the creator of this video tells us in its description.


This is the very moving story of a couple who weathered through the aftermath of an accident causing traumatic brain injury, finding strength in their faith. This is the story of Ian and Larissa.
Honourable Mention:

Wow. So till next week, yeah?
Wa Salam,

Die Aufrichtigkeit Allahs gegenüber

Salam Alaikum,

Allah swt. beschreibt Sich im Quran in Surah Nur, als Nur us Samawati wa Al-Ard. Allah ist das Licht der Himmel und der Erde. Dieser Teil des Verses allein trägt  viel Bedeutung in sich. Es nähert uns an das Unbegreifliche in dem wir an das Licht denken das wir sehen können, das physikalische Licht aus Photonen. Die Sonne ist für uns Lebewesen, lebenswichtig wenn sie auch nur ein Stück von uns entfernt dauert es nicht lange bevor unsere Realität ganz anders aussieht. Wenn die Sonne untergeht, braucht es sehr viel Arbeit und Geld, damit wir nicht total im Dunkeln sitzen.

Straßenlampen werden angemacht, das Licht in unserer Wohnung etc. Im Arabischen sagte man, das Morgenlicht machte die Laterne unnütz. So ist es auch mit dem Spirituellen Licht, wenn wir Allah swt. nicht in unserem Leben haben, dann ist es so als ob wir im Dunkeln stehen und jede einzelne Person hat ihre eigene Lampe. Ihre eigenen Ziele, ihre eigenen Gedanken über was Gut und was Schlecht ist, der Moralitäat usw. Wenn aber das Licht der Offenbarung scheint, dann sind unsere Laternen unnütz, denn dies ist die perfekte, die vollkommenste Rechtleitung auf dem einst dunklen Pfad.

Allah swt. nutzt den Masdar, den Verbalsubstantiv in Allahu Nur, bedeutet also auch, dass es außer Seinem Licht, keine andere Lichtquelle gibt. Egal mit was wir versuchen unser Herz zu stillen, ob mit neuen Autos, oder Häusern, mit mehr Geld, Call of Duty oder Extrem Sport, nichts füllt die leere, das fehlende Licht Allahs in unserem Leben.

So ist es unsinnig irgendetwas bei jemand anderen zu suchen, denn Allah swt. sagt auch im Quran:

Es gibt nichts, von dem Wir nicht Schätze haben, doch Wir schicken davon nur nach bestimmten Maße herab.  


Ibn Al-Qayyim sagte: Alles dass geliebt wird, wenn es nicht um Allahs Willen geliebt wird ist nichts als Elend und Bestrafung. Jede Tat die nicht um Seiner Willen getan wird ist verschwendet und abgetrennt. Jedes Herz dass Ihn nicht erreicht ist verdammt, verhüllt (verborgen-veiled) vom Erringen ihres Erfolgs und Glücks.

Außer Allah swt. gibt es nichts und niemanden, der es verdient angebetet zu werden, niemanden dessentwegen wir unser jeden Atemzug nehmen.

Sheikh Ahmad ibn Atillah As-Sakandari sagte in seinem Al-Hikam, (Wörter der Weisheit): Taten sind wie Statuen die nur zum Leben kommen, mit der Seele der Aufrichtigkeit.

Somit beginnen wir jede Tat mit einer reinen Absicht (niyyah, maqsid), allein Allah swt. gewidmet. Der Prophet saw. sagte in einem Hadith: Wahrlich, Taten sind entsprechend den Absichten., und jedem steht das zu was er beabsichtigt hat. Wer also sein Auswanderung um Allahs und seinem Gesandten Willen ausrichtete, dessen Auswanderung ist für Allah und seinem Gesandten. Und wer seine Auswanderung des irdischen Lebens Willen unternimmt um es zu erlangen oder einer Frau um sie zu heiraten, dessen Auswanderung ist für das und dessentwegen er auswanderte. [Bukhari und Muslim]

Und im Quran:

“Sie sind diejenigen die ihre Gelübde erfüllen und einen Tag fürchten, dessen Unheil weit und breit um sich greift. Sie geben ihr Essen (das sie selbst gern gegessen hätten) einem Bedürftigen, einer Waise und einem Kriegsgefangenen, und sie sagen dabei: “Wir geben euch Gott zuliebe zu essen und wollen von euch kein Entgelt und keinen Dank.””


So sollte unsere Absicht sein, wenn wir aber eine Tat vollbringen aber selbstgerecht, verärgert oder sonstiges sind wenn kein Dank folgt, so ist dies ein Anzeichen dafür dass unsere Absicht nicht ganz Allah swt. gewidmet war.

Allah swt. sagte auch im Quran:

Sage: “Wahrlich, mein Gebet, meine Opfer riten, mein leben und meine sterben ist für Allah, Herr der Welten.”


Wa Salam,




Nouman Ali Khan – Amazing Quran | SunnahOnline | OnIslam | SuhaibWebb |

Humility to God

Salam Alaykum,

I’ve anounced it weeks ago here it finally is, may it be beneficial to both you and me. Amin.

“Call on Your Lord with humility and in private, He does not like those who exceed His bounds“

[The Heights 7:55]

Humility to God includes that one realises and understands that He is our Creator, He is the One who supplies us with all our necessities, our sustenance. This needs to be realised over and over again, we need to internalise it.

We need to submit to Him in every action that we do:

“Say, my prayers and devotions, my living and my dying are all for God, Lord of all the Worlds.” [6:162]

We can’t talk about humility to anyone without first having humility to Allah swt. as the One who created us and gave us everything that we have whether we see it as good or bad. Everything that we have gained is a favour from Him and everything we’ve lost is a favour from Him.
Contemplating on the complexities of life should humble us of the greatness of Allah swt. in the Quran it is said:

O people an example has been struck, so listen carefully: those who you call on besides Allah could not, even if they combined all of their forces, create a fly, and if a fly took something away from them, they would not be able to retrieve it.

This Verse is quite interesting. Firstly, the passive is used, removing the One who gave the example. Telling the people to just think logically, to not let their conceived notions come in between their thinking. Secondly, it uses a small creation telling us to be humble, we could never create something even as small as a fly. Thirdly, it highlightes our inability to change anything that Allah swt. wants, by giving the example of a fly, acting beyond our and any of our false gods controls.

Ibn Al Qayyim says this about humility,

“There are two realities which we must fully grasp in order to be truly characterized with the noblest characteristic of humility. First and foremost is to come to truly know Allah’s perfection, His abundant favors upon us and how we are fully dependent upon Him. Secondly, we have to come to know ourselves, where we come from and our numerous weaknesses and shortcomings.”

Finally the Prophet saw. said:

“God only increases a person in status if he forgives, and no one ever humbles himself before God but He will raise him in status.” (Muslim)


Wa Salam,

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Lion of Allah


The hypocrites will call to the believers, “Were we not with you?” They will say, “Yes, but you led yourselves into temptations, you looked forward for our destruction; you doubted (in Faith); and you were deceived by false desires, till the Command of Allah came to pass. And the chief deceiver (Satan) deceived you about of Allah.

Surah Al-Hadid | Verse 14


The Hearts Love Knowledge and Aspiration

If the heart is not pure or honourable enough, and distance from every evil and malice, then it is unworthy to love, know and aspire to Allah. On the contrary, the lowest description of man’s heart is that he loves and aspires to this worldly life instead to Allah, the Almighty.

When man’s love, knowledge and aspiration is directed in this worldly way, the heart becomes narrow and gloomy as it is distant from the source of its revival and life.


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Inspired by Muhammad ﷺ | Day 7/7

May Allah prevent us from the wastage of resources/food and make us understand the value of what we have been blessed with. Remember Allah dislikes ‘Israaf’

Love the environment and do not harm it. Let’s take a lesson from our beloved Prophet Muhammad ﷺ

With this insha Allah we bring an end to this short but beautiful series – Inspired by Muhammad ﷺ


Stay Tuned for an update regarding this series – Inspired by Muhammad ﷺ

Insha’Allah. We’ve got something really amazing to announce Insha’Allah.