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Schreibe nicht alles auf!

“Wehe Dir,  Yaqub! Schreibe nicht alles auf, was ich sage, denn es passiert mir, dass ich heute eine Meinung vetrete und morgen sie zurückweise, oder ich vertrete morgen eine andere Meinung und weise sie am folgenden Tag zurück.”

Dies wurde von einem der größten Gelehrten dieser Ummah, Abu Hanifa, zu seinem Schüler Abu Yusuf gesagt.


#Februar – Sei bescheidener

The sinner and the sin

Once Abu Ad-Dardaa radiya Allahu ‘anhu, the famous companion of the Prophet Sala Allahu ‘alayhi wa salam, passed a group of people crowding around a man. They began insulting and beating the man. He came up to them and said: “What’s the matter?” “This is a man who has committed a grave sin,” they replied.

“What do you think you would do if he had fallen into a well?” asked Abu-ad Dardaa. “Wouldn’t you try to get him out?” “Certainly,” they said. “Don’t insult him and don’t beat him. Instead admonish him and make him aware of the consequences of what he had done. Then give praise to Allah Who has preserved you from falling into such a sin.” “Don’t you hate him?” they asked Abu-ad Dardaa.

“I only detest what he had done and if he abandons such practice, he is my brother.” The man began to cry and publicly announced his repentance.