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Videos? Love ’em XXX

Salam Alaykum,

another week has passed alhamdulillah. So here are my favourite Videos this Week, as usual in the Categories. Islam, in under and over 10 minutes. Parkour, Youtube, Shortfilms, Motion Graphics and finally Vimeo. This Weekend was the ICNA Convention in Baltimore, Maryland, America. They streamed the main hall events online, it was amazing mashaAllah. May Allah grant Jannat ul Firdaws to those organising it and helping out and Jazakallahu khairan for streaming it. Okay let’s get into the videos!


Under 10 minutes

This Video is a hard hitting reminder of how we should rely on Allah swt. the blessings that we have and how we use them. Stories like this are also recounted in the Over 10 minutes part of this category. Definitely worth a watch, a reminder in less than 10 minutes.

Over 10 minutes

Are we rebels without purpose? What is our purpose? As Muslims we believe we were created with a purpose. To worship Allah, Ibadah takes effort on our part. At the same time we are obliged to serve humanity. In all of this we should set our goals high especially with Ramadan this Summer. This Khutba, this friday sermon is an important reminder of setting higher ambitions for ourselves.


Absolutely Amazing Precisions and Kong to Precisions



Brilliant Stroytelling, I absolutely love the style of animation and the implementation of the changes to the story.

Motion Graphics


This cool animation totally reminded me of my time in Egypt last Summer.

Honourable Mentions:

That’s it the 30th edition of “Videos? Love ’em” click #Videolovin‘ to see all posts in this Series.
Wa Salam,