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Superstitions and Safar

1st of Safar
1435 a.H
Bradford, UK


today is the first day of the new month of Safar. A month that has quite a few superstitions attached to it, that lasted till today. The first time I ever hard about it, was a few years back, if I remember right a sister asked during a talk, whether it is supposed to  be bad to get married in this month.

During the time of Jahiliyya people used to make Safar sacred one year and not in the next, they also would move it around to other months.

Ibn Abbas ra. relates that:

“They used to think that ‘Umrah during the months of Hajj was one of the most evil actions on earth’. They would make Muharram Safar, and they used to say, ‘When  the wounds of the camel back heal up(after they return from Hajj) and the footprints of the camel vanish and the month of Safar passes away, then (at the time) ‘Umra is permissible for the one who wishes to perform it.”

It was narrated that Abu Hurayrah ra. said,

The Messenger of Allah said:

(There is) no ‘Adwa (no contagious disease is conveyed without Allah’s permission), nor is there any tiyarah or Hammah (bad omens from birds) nor is there  any bad omens in the month of Safar, and one should run away from the leper as one does from a lion.

[Narrated by Al-Bukhari, 5387; Muslim, 2220]
We don’t believe that doing an action at a certain time will cause something unrelated to happen at another. Whatever happens, happens because Allah swt. wanted it to happen.

Wa Salam,