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Abdur-Rahman, 29. GER | UK | NG

I am young Muslim, interested in the preservation of all things beautiful and profound. A cultural Worker and engineer, experimenting, learning + unlearning my way through life.

“Tread this world lightly, inspire compassion and justice to every creature within it and appreciate its beauty as a reflection of God. Verily, in the remembrance of God do hearts find rest”


What does it mean to be human? What is a good life and how does one live it? Do you only live once? Questions I ask myself and share some of my thoughts over on my blog.

Cultural Work

Or creative work? Is the word creative laden with capitalist ideals, of individualism, of seeking money and fame? Maybe, me I am in love with beauty.

I am a freelance graphic designer, a photo and videograph, and a writer, who might sometimes share a poem or two.


I am a Chemical Engineer who grew a conscious as my best friend once said. I am a Muslim vegan, travelling this world looking for balance. Currently I study a Masters in Environmental Engineering and work at a research institute.


Now that I have talked about the controversial stuff, let’s talk about Politics. Any takers? The personal is political, I believe that. Beyond that I am still finding my way, learning and unlearning, striving for justice. While knowing that God is the Just. Accompany me along that journey!

My recent projects

IMSU Iftar Trailer 2023

Videography / Edit

Promotional video for the 16. annual Iftar held by the International Muslim Student Association Aachen.

Watch the video on their Instagram

VisualRemembrance – Moments in Ramadan

Videography / Edit

VisualRemembrance is a video journal of moments I want to remember, as well as moments of remembering God.


  • Egypt

    Uhibuk ya misr. I do actually love all arab countries, I may hate their administration but how can I not love filistin, misr, suriya, Al-Sham in general, Saudi etc. when these are the lands of the prophets. I hope and pray for peace in all of these lands and that Islam may rise strong once…

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  • Faith and Knowledge, Religion and Science: an Essay

    Analyse the strength and weaknesses of using faith as a basis for Knowledge in Religion and the Natural sciences In answering this question it is important to first define the terms ‘Knowledge’, ‘faith’ and ‘religion’. Knowledge has been defined as justified true belief by Plato[1], where a belief that is true and can be justified…

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  • Repelling Evil

    Today inshAllah I want to talk about countering a bad deed with a good deed. Allah swt. has promised a great reward for those who when encountering bad behavior, do good instead instead of answering with bad. Good conduct, good behaviour has a very high importance in Islam, it counters the influence and outcome of bad…

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Verily, in the remembrance of Allah do hearts find rest