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Videos? Love em’ VI

Another week, more favourites! Let’s get right into it.


under 10 minutes:

This time a difficult decision based on the fact that I haven’t had much time this week so I’ve watched more videos under 10 minutes.

  1. That’s not how you call people to good!


“Brother Nouman Ali Khan explains beautifully that Dawah has Ethics too!”

  1. Legacy of Islam in China


In this video we are told a little bit about our lost history in China. The hui Muslims have always fascinated me, once I found out that there was a Muslim Chinese admiral leading a fleet of ships way bigger than that of Columbus.

Over 10 minutes:

Motion Graphics

Part of the television series “The Revolution will be Televised” and animated by Sweet Crude.

My second favourite, has a very smooth animation and like a commenter said has the design by apple feel. I just like it.


It is once again a shortfilm by PJ Liguori, which has captured this spot. A story about how he writes stories.


Big Man is an interesting short film, about how seemingly innocent actions through the eyes of a child can have serious consequences. I laughed at the point where the TV shut off and the boy moaned NEPA (National Electric Power Authority) as I understand though it has been dissolved for a while now. My last trip to Nigeria was a long time ago, during my second year at school. We went for 6 months so I did get to experience a bit of Nigerian life. InshaAllah soon again.


Ghost Town, was surprising to me. The style of the video is very different from what I expected, what I’m used to from most Sports related videos.


Esprit es-tu la? Asks where the original spirit of Parkour has gone, where 99% of all videos devolve to showing off instead of community building, instead of mental and physical training in foreground. I guess that is why I wanted to get involved in it, the final push into training was this video below.

Wa Salam,


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