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Videos? Love em’ V


here we are a new post of the weekly (though delayed) series “Videos? Love em’”. In this post I will be introducing a couple of new categories, to make things a bit harder for myself

In the Islam Category there will be two sub-categories, under ten minutes and over ten minutes. This I think will distinct those videos that are short reminders from those, that are of the lecture type.

In addition to that,  I’ve added a few other categories. Namely, Motion Graphics, Short-film, Youtube andParkour. This will hopefully keep things more ordered, and keep me from selecting a Motion Graphics video every single week.

Now if I’m honest I thought of adding these categories just yesterday morning, so many of these videos were selected over a very short period of time.

Without further ado, here are my faves of this “week”.


Under 10 minutes:

This short video I think is quite relevant to us in today’s capitalistic and materialistic world. Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan here challenges the celebration of extravagance in our society.

Over 10 minutes:

In this video, again a talk by Nouman Ali Khan, our debates with non-Muslims especially  with Atheists are taken under the microscope. We are taken to task about not having proper conversations about why we personally believe in the message of Islam, instead having debates just trying to one up the other.

Motion Graphics: 

This is quite amazing, and if I might also point out that the artist  Leo Romanski is just 16 years old. My hat’s of to him.

My close second if I might squeeze that in is a video commissioned by the Gates Foundation on Family Planning. The Animation is something to see.

Youtube / Short-Film:  

Here I’m cheating a little, as I said I just thought of these categories yesterday. This video is from the end of October. Something more light-heartening, strange, macabre, weird and whatever other adjective you’d use to describe this. From the wonderful, creative mind of PJ Liguori.


Have I also mentioned that I recently accidentally deleted my (pk) Youtube Account, yes well it happened. I’m going to have to painstakingly go and subscribe to every athlete again.

This video I found a few days ago, all I know about this place is that it is somewhere in the suburbs of my home town Berlin. Yes, I probably did chose it for being shot in Berlin. But it is amazing anyway, the use of the colours gave it a nice touch.

Wa Salam,


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