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Entry I


Sorry for the looong silence, it’s been a bit hectic the last few weeks. On Monday I boarded a coach at 5am in the morning starting my life as a first year ChemEng student. Because of that I’ve been unable to post anything this week, which is a regret but I hope I’ll make up for it over the next few weeks. Over the next few weeks I want to broaden my horizon a bit and subsequently include more of a variety of posts to this blog.

Topics on Islam will be at the forefront, though I should leave the disclaimer that I’m just a regular normal Muslim guy. I did not go to Al-Azhar,  Al-Qarawiyyin University, Umm al Qura, University of Madinah, Deoband or any other religious institute, although I’d certainly love to and been asked if I was an Azhari when I was in Egypt, which I feel really proud of, joke.

Other topics will include, politics, integration, society in general,  graphic and visual design and of course my general life.

I’m going to experiment a lot, with different styles of writing, content and presentation of content.

Back to my life, we had our fresher’s fair at Uni last week the 16. – 20. September. On Wednesday and Thursday I coached-it to Bradford to help out. This years freshers dinner was on Thursday, Yusha Evans as well as Muslim Belal were invited. A recording of that is here, a video is going to be uploaded as well, on the BradIsoc Youtube Channel.

Personal updates are from now on named “Entry (Greek numeral)” so they can be found easily.

Wa Salam,


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