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Videos? Love ’em

I’m fascinated with videos. I’d love to be able to make my own, that I’m satisfied with. I think I lack the ability and organisation and endurance to plan a shot though. I mean I’ve done, or well tried to do daily vlogs and they were all really unplanned, boring even.

I was uncomfortable with asking people I knew, if they’re okay with being filmed. Such a simple question really. Two friends in particular have asked me not to film them (which is understandable), so it’s made it harder to film the things that go on around me, in addition to not having a general plan.

Even with the Video for the ISOC that was a problem, to the point that I don’t know whether I should put the video on private or public, as it is at the moment. Especially with all the legal consequences that could theoretically arise should a person in the video tell me, that he didn’t want to appear in it. I should probably check out the laws involved, but as I understand from last time I checked up on it, they said it would be okay to film any person that is and can be seen in a public sphere. Whether the University grounds are public is a different question.

Any way, that wasn’t really what I wanted to write about.

Videos unmistakably capture a moment whether good or bad and relay these to us, the viewers. Tell us a story or just look great. There are so many different cool videos out there. The success of YouTube and other sites like Vimeo, show us how much they have become part of our internet lives.

I think I do watch quite a unhealthy amount of videos, whenever I’m not out and not doing something with the family or reading (whether online or offline) you can probably guess what I’m doing.

Normally I’d watch a video, and go on to another without really thinking about it afterwards. What I’d like to do is showcase once a week my favourite video and maybe talk or write a bit about why I found that particular video so great.  I’ll do two categories, one Islam related video and one that fits everything else.

Regarding the Islam related videos, I’m quite hooked onto everything Nouman Ali Khan posts. I’m subscribed to Bayyinah, and so it is quite possible that one of those is my fav video of the week, Islam related. In that case I might write about that video, but post my 2nd favourite video.

Please forgive me if I miss out on a week or something, I guess I’m not known for writing something regularly.

That all said, here is the first video, my fav of the day if you will, not really Islam related, but well just watch it.

In Morocco – 2013 from Vincent Urban on Vimeo.

Wa Salam,


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