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Family thoughts

I’ve always been a bit mature, I think…that’s what I’ve been told anyway.

Once (about yr. 3-4 at school) I was asked if I’d want to have kids when I was older. For me that wasn’t a valid question it was a certainty for me, that I would at one point in my life have kids, if God would let me live that long. I’ve loved babies probably since I was old enough not to be counted to be one anymore. In my family I got to witness both of my sisters as babies and growing up, one 14 the other 6 going 7 now, so I’ve had some practice at how to care for a baby.2013-02-21 00:08:23

So that’s my family, over the years I’ve obviously come into contact with quite a few babies unfortunately the last time, where I’ve really spent time with one, is now 2 years back. It was during the Summer camp (for children aged 8-18 yrs) which the DMK (Deutscher Muslim Kreis German Muslim circle in Berlin) organised, the son of one of the leaders of the camp, was going around and so it started, my job as inofficial babysitter. His wife would give him to me when she had to do something and his dad was somewhere else, taking care that the rest of the boys didn’t just play football all day long.

That act actually meant a lot to me. The DMK has always been my second family. I grew up with it, and the people around it, some of them know me from birth and some tell me I’ve calmed down a lot since childulthood. Hmm what was that about maturity?

The summer camp was one way I could pay back all that the DMK did for me. It was and is one of the most fun and inspirational things I’d do in a year, however also often one of the most stressfull. We’re dealing with kids after all.

One of my fondest memories of that camp was 3 years ago, it was the first time I was a supervisor instead of a participator. One of the night walks turned out to be somewhat longer than expected, we rested for a bit listening to our surroundings. Some of the kids were pretty tired and during our walk I had to literally push/drag them forward. Anyway, so we were resting and I offered one of my charges to lay down, with his head in my lap and we talked.

I know I’m a sentimental fool, but I think I do feel the bond that we as Muslims have. A bond that trancends blood. I love you for the sake of Allah.

Hmm…maybe I should run away, get married and have a baby. Sounds good?


I should go to sleep,

Ma Salam,


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