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#MyProphetTaughtMe to be balanced in everything I do.

Not to, only have a fit body but a fit state of mind too.

To accept and respect everyone’s opinion, but make mine the middle path.

Listen. He thaught me,

to cry from the fear of the punishment and judgement of God

and also to sob and hope, that my hubb (my love) to God is enough to make up for the sins

that I commited while I benefited from His never-ending, Mercy and Love.

To laugh and smile often, but not to exaggerate. To celebrate, and live life to the fullest,

but not to forget death to the best of my ability.

To take care of the orphans and my actions.

To give to the less fortunate, whether I’m living it large or under a bridge.

To be strict and harsh, at times needed but lenient and soft especially when things get a little heated.

This, is just a small fraction of what MyProphetTaughtMe. What did he teach you?

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