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Making it Up To You


to make my going against my plans and being absolutely inactive and totally unproductive up to you I will isA post multiple times over the next few weeks independent from the schedule hopefully more than 4 times and then drop it down so I get used to writing a lot.

A reflection of the  week first. This, coupled with last week has been like a reboot for me, albeit a slow one (think Windoof, ehm Winstupid?)).

On the weekend I have finally been able to go to Leeds for training (Parkour), met quite a few interesting personalities. Been able to see the city, if one really wants to see a cities best sites, ask a traceur to give you a tour. Most importantly though it’s given me a way to totally tax out my body. That night I had the best sleep in ages 😛

Tuesday was the day I felt a change in me and it mainly had to do with this video…

I used to have a diary which I kept up for a year or so before it went into total disuse. The video encouraged me to start a journal this time, focusing on special moments and reflections of the day. I’d like to write down what people say to me that I find interesting, moving, inspirational and generally things that strike a chord with me and find important enough to write down.

I feel ready to start a revolution within me and sustain it. I know that in the future, which might already be tomorrow,  I might relapse. It is a learning process, change takes time and as Allah swt. says in a Hadith Qudsi “O My servant! If you take one step toward Me, I take ten toward you.” It won’t ever go to waste, I might be able to see the fruits of this in a month time or never in this life. I know however that the effort put in
to this is worth it.

I started my little revolution within me, what about you? When will you start yours?

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