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Heroes   plural of he·ro (Noun) From Greek lit. protector, defender

Heroes are all around us, whether it’s that cute little baby who just managed to take his or her first step or the older gentlemen and ladies who, despite their age, are still proactive in what they believe in. Heroes are those, who spark emotions of inspiration and admiration in us.

I find heroes all around me. You especially, manage to gain my admiration and continuously inspire me. You my Sister in Islam. I might not be able to tell you directly how much I admire your strength in coping with what you go through, but maybe this is a start.

Whether, it is the burden that society places upon you, for simply wearing your Hijab. Graduating with a first class degree, but still not able to find an employer who will employ you, because you refuse to take it off. The education you are missing out on, because it is not allowed to wear it in school. The stares that you get for being different, for being “oppressed”. The blatant racism that you experience. But you, you carry on seemingly not fazed, pure strength. I admire you.

Or being trapped in culturalism.

Being forced into a relationship, by your whole community and be expected to marry someone you simply do not want to be with . Having your Islamic rights stripped away from you. Not able to marry, that person, simply because he is of another race, tribe, city, country etc. . You the one week old convert, who is expected to get married the next day. The hypocrisy rampaging in your family, between you the faithful daughter and your drinking, party going brother encouraged by your parents. Being subject to Domestic violence and rape, dressed up in false ideas of honour… Killed … I feel for you and stand by you.

Or being under the pressure of your own mistakes.                                                     

Taken the wrong decision. Having nowhere to go to and no one to talk to. Trapped in a relationship, you know is wrong. Not able to let go. Then being used and cast aside. On the brink of suicide. Still finding the strength to carry on towards finding the right path, and to achieve your own goals. I won’t judge, the past is the past, ask for forgiveness and seek His swt. nearness. I admire you, for trying to do the right thing.

Or not being welcomed into your community.

Been told that there is no racism in Islam, but experiencing it day in, day out by Muslims. Insulted, degraded, accused, stared at and made fun of in public, just because you are different. Because you do not think and act like they do. Cramped in tiny, almost forgotten spaces in mosques, because it is better for you to pray at home.

These are some of the reasons, I admire you my sister, my mother, my aunt biologically and in Islam. Your strength transcends ours. Your willpower is as strong as steel. You are the corner stone of our Ummah. You built its foundation. You protect and defend it. You are a Hero(ine). 

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