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Videos? Love ’em XX

Salam Alaykum,

these are my favourite Videos of this week, as usual in the categories, Islam in over and under 10 minutes, Shortfilms, Motion Graphics, Youtube and Parkour. From next week God willing, I will add the category Vimeo to the existing sets.


under 10 minutes

over 10 minutes





There you go!
See you here next week.

Ma’a Salam,


Videos? Love em’ VIII

Salam all,

here are my favourite videos of this week!


Over 10 min
Truthfulness In Islam – Mufti Menk

Under 10 min
HE Cares About YOU! | Nouman Ali Khan | Short Advice


Javon Johnson – “cuz he’s black” (NPS 2013)

S*** is used once at 0:16

Strange Shakes

A prequel to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f-VZEC0GIMA


The Work of Zina Nicole Lahr

“On November 20, 2013 Zina passed away due to a hiking accident in Ouray, CO. After the funeral I revisited the footage and made this short as an attempt to capture her personality and creativity. I never planned to release it online but now I have a chance to share her and her creations with all of you! … The response to this video is incredible and completely unexpected! Cindy (Zina’s mother), her family, and I are so blown away by all of this and I want to thank everyone who is taking the time to celebrate the life of my precious friend.
I have received an incredible amount of emails from people who are wishing to donate to the Zina Lahr Memorial Fund. So if you wish to help the family of Zina Lahr you can call the Citizen’s State Bank of Ouray Colorado at (970) 325-4352. You can also donate to the Weehawken Creative Arts Zina Lahr Memorial Scholarship. All the money for this scholarship helps kids pay for art classes in the within Weehawken Creative Arts program located on the western slope of Colorado. Zina did an incredible amount of volunteer work for this wonderful non profit. From props to set pieces Zina was the magic behind it! More info here! weehawkenarts.org/ or you can email Stephanie Wallen stephanie@weehawkenarts.org
Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

Just Like Magic

Motion Graphics

Star Moon Airline
Onfair Festival

That’s it for this week

Ma3a Salama,

Videos? Love em’ VII


this week one video has been particularly controversial, sparking both negative criticism and praise primarily amongst the youth in the Muslim Community in the West (America). I’m of course talking about the Somewhere in America Video by Sheikh Bake, that’s been making it’s rounds on various social media networks.

I’m not going to give you my opinion on it, or go into the nitty gritty of it. I commend the conversation it sparked (a conversation I think should largely be held by the sisters ) and to echo the words of a few brothers, we as Males need to keep our eyes lowered as the Quran commanded it from us.

May Allah swt. Guide us all to the straight path. Amin.

Let’s carry on!


under 10 minutes

I watched the full lecture a few months by, think it was during Ramadhan, but very relevant. The bed rock of our society is the family unit, its breaking is one of the major reasons for the collapse of our Communities.

Over 10 minutes

About loving, not paying lip service…

Motion Graphics

This is the Identity for next years Pausefest 2014 in Melbourne.

Pause Fest is a springboard for creative industries that operate within the digital realm to meet, inspire, learn, launch and collaborate. Our ambition is to enable creative collaborations around the globe and to promote digital culture as the focal point of an annual festival.



I’m a huge fan of Aamer Rahman since discovering him about 2 years ago. I was rather upset when his show was cancelled in Bradford last year.

A very interesting experiment!


Throughout the whole short, I couldn’t stop the video, I was totally unsure whether I should take this serious as proper workmanship or not. People do strange things for a living and I know there will be some people who would pay for it.

Don’t forget our Muslim brethren in Myanmar, may Allah swt. help them.



That’s it for this week folks.

Wa Salam,


Videos? Love em’ VI

Another week, more favourites! Let’s get right into it.


under 10 minutes:

This time a difficult decision based on the fact that I haven’t had much time this week so I’ve watched more videos under 10 minutes.

1. That’s not how you call people to good!

“Brother Nouman Ali Khan explains beautifully that Dawah has Ethics too!”

2. Legacy of Islam in China

In this video we are told a little bit about our lost history in China. The hui Muslims have always fascinated me, once I found out that there was a Muslim Chinese admiral leading a fleet of ships way bigger than that of Columbus.

Over 10 minutes:

Motion Graphics

Part of the television series “The Revolution will be Televised” and animated by Sweet Crude.

My second favourite, has a very smooth animation and like a commenter said has the design by apple feel. I just like it.


It is once again a shortfilm by PJ Liguori, which has captured this spot. A story about how he writes stories.


Big Man is an interesting short film, about how seemingly innocent actions through the eyes of a child can have serious consequences. I laughed at the point where the TV shut off and the boy moaned NEPA (National Electric Power Authority) as I understand though it has been dissolved for a while now. My last trip to Nigeria was a long time ago, during my second year at school. We went for 6 months so I did get to experience a bit of Nigerian life. InshaAllah soon again.

Ghost Town, was surprising to me. The style of the video is very different from what I expected, what I’m used to from most Sports related videos.


Esprit es-tu la? Asks where the original spirit of Parkour has gone, where 99% of all videos devolve to showing off instead of community building, instead of mental and physical training in foreground. I guess that is why I wanted to get involved in it, the final push into training was this video below.

Wa Salam,



Videos? Love ’em II

My favourite love em’ video this week in the non-Islamic Category is:

A tie between Independence and When Dreams change.

My favourite love em’ video this week in the Islamic Category is:

How Am I Going To Serve Allah? – Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan

First, I have to say that although I haven’t really watched as many videos as usual this last week, still the decision to pick one as my favourite was nearly impossible and I really should have given it more thought, before going out on a limb on this series. The videos that I’ll list here are all excellent videos in my opinion. All are in their own way totally different and lay different emphasis on different things.

Continue reading Videos? Love ’em II

Videos? Love ’em

I’m fascinated with videos. I’d love to be able to make my own, that I’m satisfied with. I think I lack the ability and organisation and endurance to plan a shot though. I mean I’ve done, or well tried to do daily vlogs and they were all really unplanned, boring even.

I was uncomfortable with asking people I knew, if they’re okay with being filmed. Such a simple question really. Two friends in particular have asked me not to film them (which is understandable), so it’s made it harder to film the things that go on around me, in addition to not having a general plan.

Even with the Video for the ISOC that was a problem, to the point that I don’t know whether I should put the video on private or public, as it is at the moment. Especially with all the legal consequences that could theoretically arise should a person in the video tell me, that he didn’t want to appear in it. I should probably check out the laws involved, but as I understand from last time I checked up on it, they said it would be okay to film any person that is and can be seen in a public sphere. Whether the University grounds are public is a different question.

Any way, that wasn’t really what I wanted to write about.

Videos unmistakably capture a moment whether good or bad and relay these to us, the viewers. Tell us a story or just look great. There are so many different cool videos out there. The success of YouTube and other sites like Vimeo, show us how much they have become part of our internet lives.

I think I do watch quite a unhealthy amount of videos, whenever I’m not out and not doing something with the family or reading (whether online or offline) you can probably guess what I’m doing.

Normally I’d watch a video, and go on to another without really thinking about it afterwards. What I’d like to do is showcase once a week my favourite video and maybe talk or write a bit about why I found that particular video so great.  I’ll do two categories, one Islam related video and one that fits everything else.

Regarding the Islam related videos, I’m quite hooked onto everything Nouman Ali Khan posts. I’m subscribed to Bayyinah, and so it is quite possible that one of those is my fav video of the week, Islam related. In that case I might write about that video, but post my 2nd favourite video.

Please forgive me if I miss out on a week or something, I guess I’m not known for writing something regularly.

That all said, here is the first video, my fav of the day if you will, not really Islam related, but well just watch it.

Wa Salam,