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Videos? Love em’ XIV

Salam Alaykum,

so here’s my belated favourite videos of the week, sorry again!

This week I mainly watched the subscription videos on Bayyinah.tv, they’re amazing whether it’s on learning Arabic or The Quran Translation in Flow (Cover-to-Cover), they just suck you in. So to be honest I haven’t watched much else, here however is what I have seen this week.


under 10 minutes:
Taking Off Your Hijab

Over 10 minutes:
Dunia Shuaib – Women Scholars of Islam

Manhood and Womanhood in Islam – Sheikh Yassir Fazaga & Sheikha Yasmin Mogahed

This is actually a video that I first watched around Ramadhan or shortly after it last year, it stayed with me for quite a bit and I actually wanted my last post to incorporate a lot of what is said here and what I’ve heard other Imams and dai’s say but it was getting to long anyway.

Islam Is Not A Religion Of Peace

Motion Graphics

Yes I know I know, not exactly Motion Graphics

That’s it folks I’m out for the day.
Jazakallahu khairan for reading,
Wa Salam,

Voices I

Somewhere in America? Somewhere in America there is Muslim sister whose scarf is slipping slightly as she nods off on her train ride coming off the late shift. Somewhere in America a niqabi is frustrated in a Muslim clothing store because the “L” sizing on the jlbabs they sell is false marketing. Somewhere in America a Muslim mother tries to sooth a screaming baby while she debates whether the scarf on her head is large enough for an impromptu breastfeeding session. Somewhere in America a Muslim woman giggles with glee after finding the perfect shade of plum. Somewhere in America a Muslim woman is grateful that her headscarf style will cover the choke marks on her neck.  Everywhere in America, a Muslim woman’s headscarf is not only some sex, swag and consumption, it also belief and beauty, defiance and struggle, secrets and shame.

Dr. Suad Abdul Khabeer