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*2015 Resolution*

Salam Alaykum,
2015 is here, yay! I realise I’m twelve days late, but I do have what I hope is a valid excuse.

Over the holidays I’ve been to Nigeria for the first time in ten years. The weeks of hassle, travelling to London and back multiple times to renew my German Passport and apply for a Nigerian Passport paid off, it was absolutely amazing. All praise is due to God! That is despite the fact that due to security reasons we couldn’t just leave the complex whether we were at my dad’s or at my grandmother’s. A driver would drive us wherever we wanted to while that was cool, the downside was that you’d spend hours in the Lagos traffic. Due to the same reasons I’m short on photos as well, I left my camera at home just to be safe.

For some reason the heat surprised me, I expected it, I mean I was in Egypt a year and half ago. Coming back to the UK last Friday we almost froze to death, okay okay I almost froze to death my family were cyborgs. I however just couldn’t stop shivering.
Well, that Monday I had my first exam and yeah that was fun. Having revised next to nothing in Nigeria, I was surprised how well I (felt I) actually did in 3 of the 4 exams I’ve already sat. I’ve got one exam to go and then the new semester starts on the 19th.

There is a lot I want to do and change this year, some impacting the Blog and some my self, God willing. Over the last year I’ve posted a lot on virtues in the “Be more…” series. These were a reminder for myself, and whoever else benefited of them, to instil these virtues such as gratitude, humbleness or patience in our lives.

My biggest Goal this year is to work on and instil in myself one of the virtues Benjamin Franklin set himself to become a “self-made man”. He used to carry a book with 13 charts for 13 virtues and next to each day mark down whenever he went against one of these. He basically does, as Shaykh Suhaib Webb remarks, Muhasabah daily.

Over the last few years I have been becoming lazier and lazier. I’ve delayed so many things, not even talking about how much coursework I’ve delayed doing over the year. I’ve put off things friends have requested of me, or getting back into contact with others, posting on here, with no excuse other than my chronic procrastination.
I’ve been involved in so many great things over the years that I’m absolutely grateful to have been part of. The one thing that overshadowed these experiences in some cases was not being able to do good work fast.

Lose no time
Be always employ’d in something useful
Cut off all unnecessary actions

Industriousness is therefore my biggest goal and resolution for this year of 2015.

Dictionary Definition :

obsolete skillful, ingenious

constantly, regularly, or habitually active or occupieddiligent industrious worker

This incorporates a lot of things that I will have to take myself to task for. It is a deeply Islamic concept to not be idle and to not waste your time on earth.

Ibn ‘Abbas narrated that the Messenger of Allah (s.a.w) said:

“Two favours that many of the people squander are health and free time.” [Al-Tirmidhi | Sahih]
In the Qur’an, Allah (swt.) tells us about a man unto whom death comes he says:
“”My Lord, send me back That I might do righteousness in that which I left behind.” No! It is only a word he is saying; and behind them is a barrier until the Day they are resurrected.”  [Surat Al-Mu’minūn 99-100]

So using my time as best as I can, to plan ahead of time and make time for certain things in life that just have to be done, is my resolution so to say for this year. I pray that this year will be a good one for all of us, for humanity, for banu Adam.



I am tired

Salam Alaykum,

it has certainly been a while since I last posted something on here. My life has been as a scholar just described it, like that of an animal. Taking things on as they appear, no structure nor planning. Just living from one day to the next, trying desperately to survive.

I am tired. Not just physically but mentally as well, I yearn for a longer holiday, to start to put my life together more permanently than the little breaks I get on Weekends. In which I do not do much more than wallow in the guilt of not doing anything. 2 Weeks ago after travelling to London I had a little break-down. I didn’t go to University that week, didn’t move much at all really. I think it started before that, maybe even round about the time my Internet connection started giving me troubles. Everything became a little too much, I said yes to a few things too often and crashed.

The amount of University work I had not done, the voluntary things I got involved in, everything just stopped. I’m good at procrastination, maybe I should have done my Bachelor’s in the Art of Procrastination. After that first crash I started putting things off again, missing deadlines because I had started to work the day or two before and it was more complicated than I thought. Everything is screaming at me to do something, to do some work, to catch-up, but I don’t know where to start. More often than not I feel totally listless. I delay getting started, just as I delayed my writing my first post in a while on here.

After that second crash, I started to record what I do with my time. Both manually using a spreadsheet and with certain apps such as Toggl and RescueTime. 2 Weeks ago I spent almost 26hrs reading Fanfiction, instead of researching for my reports and 2 hours on YouTube, which is quite low for me. Overall I spent 41% of my time on the computer on entertainment and only about 5% on actual learning. I have started organising myself a little better last week using spreadsheets to split my time up more wisely. The thing is holding myself to it, is hard. What I haven’t added yet, and that is something I have wanted to do for ages, is orient it towards Imam Ghazali’s Al-Bidayyah. (The Beginning of Guidance) I really hope my report this last week is loads better.

Generally, the last week has been better than the last few weeks all together, except for my getting ill on Wednesday. I know there will be further dips in my productivity, increases  in stress levels and anxiety, headaches, but I think I’m slowly getting to a point where I’ll be able to deal with it, God willing. I am tired of my listlessness and procrastination.

And so I hope this will be the first of many posts to come. Middle of December I’m hoping and praying to have caught up with all the topics I wanted to go over this year as I’m going to be travelling to Nigeria in the winter holidays

Wa Salam,