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The hot sun rises

Thanking God for the rain clouds

Wait we’re in England

Somewhere someone dies

No clean water can be found

We complain daily

 Don’t  you think about
The Colourless sip of Gold
Favours of your lord

Children are laughing

The splashing sound of water

A smile on your face

So which of the favours of your Lord would you deny?
[Quran 55:38]

#January – Being Thankful

Videos? Love ’em II

My favourite love em’ video this week in the non-Islamic Category is:

A tie between Independence and When Dreams change.

My favourite love em’ video this week in the Islamic Category is:

How Am I Going To Serve Allah? – Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan

First, I have to say that although I haven’t really watched as many videos as usual this last week, still the decision to pick one as my favourite was nearly impossible and I really should have given it more thought, before going out on a limb on this series. The videos that I’ll list here are all excellent videos in my opinion. All are in their own way totally different and lay different emphasis on different things.

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The Search for the Sound of the Soul

This night has me thoughtful, thinking about the last few days, weeks and months and their impact on me. As I searched through my mind, heart and soul, asking desperately to tell me what it wants, and turning to call to God. I remembered listening to a talk by Nouman Ali Khan last week or so and decided to revisit it. It was titled “The search for the sound of the Soul”, where he talked at the MSA National. His talk truly resonated with me and reflected things that I had been both fighting with and thinking about.

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