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Once I tried to teach…

Once, I tried teaching

I guess it’s different than preaching

Waxing speeches for hours on end, never reaching, never leaching any benefit.

It’s never the same as teaching.

Have I touched their hearts and brains, connect with ’em and string ’em along.

Extend their minds, extend their sights.

Have I just transported knowledge from my mine to their mine without giving them tools to extract the ore.

There aren’t enough real teachers around or maybe I’m not looking hard enough.

You see it all started with a teacher,

God taught Adam all the names of things in existence

He taught us to read to feel the distance between our minds

To learn, to see the truth beneath the falsehood that blinds us

To learn, to distinguish the sounds of howling in the dark red night from the crowing of the rooster in the blue morning.

To learn, and to teach, but few do.

See once I tried teaching my sister how to read.

See once I tried teaching my mate this language.

See once I tried and I tried and I tried and I failed.

Some were born to be teachers others need to learn to be a teacher.

Lecturing is easy, but connecting is hard. Teaching is hard.

Once I tried to teach…

A breath of Mind