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Once upon a Time


Once upon a time
Like any true storyteller
I too will start with that line
Because whence or thence doesn’t matter
Because “You know in 900 years
Of time and space”
From the Doctor’s mouth one hears
“I’ve never met anyone who wasn’t important”
Because we are important
Every single one of us has a story, yet to be told
So whether you’re a hobbit of the Shire chosen to be the Bearer of the One Ring
Or the Britons true King
Tell me your story
And I’ll tell you mine


There, Somewhere, below


There, somewhere, below
Layers upon layers of snow
Somewhere in this blizzard
Where seeing is hard
Somewhere, where the wind howls
Where wolves prowl
There it can be found
Frozen and bound
My heart in shackles
Lost after many battles
Found and freed, to beat once again
Loud and strong, free from pain
There it was, somewhere
Under layers upon layers of snow
Below, somewhere, there.

Videos? Love ’em XXX

Salam Alaykum,

another week has passed alhamdulillah. So here are my favourite Videos this Week, as usual in the Categories. Islam, in under and over 10 minutes. Parkour, Youtube, Shortfilms, Motion Graphics and finally Vimeo. This Weekend was the ICNA Convention in Baltimore, Maryland, America. They streamed the main hall events online, it was amazing mashaAllah. May Allah grant Jannat ul Firdaws to those organising it and helping out and Jazakallahu khairan for streaming it. Okay let’s get into the videos!


Under 10 minutes

This Video is a hard hitting reminder of how we should rely on Allah swt. the blessings that we have and how we use them. Stories like this are also recounted in the Over 10 minutes part of this category. Definitely worth a watch, a reminder in less than 10 minutes.

Over 10 minutes

Are we rebels without purpose? What is our purpose? As Muslims we believe we were created with a purpose. To worship Allah, Ibadah takes effort on our part. At the same time we are obliged to serve humanity. In all of this we should set our goals high especially with Ramadan this Summer. This Khutba, this friday sermon is an important reminder of setting higher ambitions for ourselves.


Absolutely Amazing Precisions and Kong to Precisions



Brilliant Stroytelling, I absolutely love the style of animation and the implementation of the changes to the story.

Motion Graphics


This cool animation totally reminded me of my time in Egypt last Summer.

Honourable Mentions:

That’s it the 30th edition of “Videos? Love ’em” click #Videolovin‘ to see all posts in this Series.
Wa Salam,

Make Me Smile

You know smiling is a Sunnah

It makes life seem a lot funnier

But what makes me smile and laugh

are the people in my life

The moments that are carved in my heart

A new start, the birth of a human heart

The ease in a moment of strife

when things get a little tough

But even in times of hardness and sadness

keep smiling and prevailing

Know that this is a test of patience

This life won’t be smooth sailing

Let’s make each other smile

Its so worthwhile

’cause time is fleeting

so let’s stop fighting

instead extend a warm greeting

File this away for ever,

Let’s smile together.


Sitting in a station

People pass, young and old

Some see their loved ones, full of elation

Some travelling, departing, not arriving, stories untold

I am forgotten, Dust on my name

Passing gravestone after gravestone

They say life is a Game

There are no things that I need to atone – for

For I am young now, let me live life

We do not understand, Age does not matter

99 year old doctor, grandfather

4 year old daughter

A few lines not telling their strife

Of broken bones and broken hearts

Of lost friends and abusive parents

Of a happy life, it felt like eons

Of  the Gold I filled in carts

Everything has left now, hear their steps echoing

The real test has started now

3 Questions deciding, the following

Who is your Lord?

What is your Religion?

Who is your Prophet?

This life like a stone, sticking out of it a sword

Your heart determines your condition

Let the water out and you are set

It is the weapon of Choice.