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Excerpt of Today’s Khutba I

…When a person is sent somewhere he is sent for a reason. However when a person decides on his own accord to go somewhere, he may go wherever he wants to, do whatever he wants to and to come back whenever he wants to. When we entered this life however, we did not decide when we were born, where we were born or whom we were born to. This was Allah swt. decision, and so the time for our return is also in His Hands. So we were sent, who where we sent for? Ourselves? No, we were sent for the whole of mankind.

We are here not just for ourselves, for our families and friends but for humanity. Can you imagine the outlook that a person has who has this view of his purpose? Our pious predecessors (Salaf-us-Salih) were selfless while we today are selfish. They wanted to benefit everybody and the last person on their mind was themselves. On the deathbed of a Sahabi, a companion of the Prophet saw., water was brought to him instead of drinking it himself he turned to another, saying that he is thirstier than I am.  At the time of death they were more worried about others. When the Sahabah were selfless Allah swt. gave them the world, today we are selfish and have lost  the world. So let us change our view our outlook..on why we are here…  I am in this world for the world…To be an asset to the whole Ummah. (Nation)

(Slightly restructured)

Videos? Love ’em IV

It’s back on again folks!

The “Videos? Love em'” series, is back every week inshaAllah. This weeks decision was once again a hard one. With my being occupied with university, the number of videos I’ve been watching decreased rapidly. Meaning, I just got around to watching the many good videos, that were uploaded weeks ago.

This edition is going to be laden with motion-graphics and it has absolutely nothing to do with my being in love with the art. (ha) So without further ado, I give you my favourite clips this week.

The first video in the Category Islamic, is a promo for an event. It is going to take place at the end of December and is organised by Alkauthar and Mercy Mission. (ado, ado, ado…)

I must say I’m quite jealous that I won’t be able to hear Amal Ahmad Albaz. She is one of the first Muslim slam poets I encountered on my search, after getting interested in Slam Poetry. Here is one of her videos.

I like the tranquillity exhumed by the video, the smooth transitions with the nicely chosen audio. Overall a good experience, and I hope the ladies have fun inshaAllah.

The second video, I watched a little over a week ago. Ten minutes before Fajr, a small cut out of a talk by Sheikh Saad Tasleem. I truly love him for the sake of Allah. He’s a cool cat. MashaAllah.

The talk was exactly what I needed when I first heard it. Strengthening my resolve to make better use of my nights, instead of reading Fan-fiction the whole night.

In the non-Islamic category, again two motion graphic shows.

First up, is NBC’s The Blacklist “Classified” trailer by Patrick Clair who produces absolutely brilliant content. The stuxnet video I featured in “Internet Security or Videos? Love em’ III” is also one of his creations.

I’ve got no words to describe it, everything just fits together. I think I might check out the Series, the 8th episode was just aired shouldn’t be too  hard to get caught up.

The second video is somewhat related to the recent NSA scandals. It tries to highlight the contradiction in our demanding transparency from organizations, such as Google, in the way our privacy is ensured. With us being our worst enemies in keeping information, about ourselves private on services such as Facebook.


Wa Salam,