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Salam Alaykum,

I don’t have much time at the moment to write a lot, or take the time to plan this post out so it might be all over the place. Today’s post is prompted by the dailypost .

When you were five years old, who was your hero? What do you think of that person today?

The short answer would be to say my parents, especially my mother and to say I appreciate them a lot more now than then. 

They taught me to be okay with who I am, and to always strive to be better. They taught me through their actions what  it means to be a Muslim. I’ve always looked up to them, was and still am proud to have them as my parents. At the same time I realise that I do not thank Allah swt. enough for them. Through Him they’ve been able to send me to school, I could read at an early age, and loved to read and they encouraged me to do so. I think even a bit too much, my father told me that I deleted a small part of his PhD thesis. I should feel guilty about this, he mentioned the welcome distraction that we were in the dedication part of the final published version, if I remember it right.

From kindergarten I skipped pre-school right into school life. Through Allah swt. Will, they sheltered me, and educated me, from becoming susceptible to a lot of the things I’ve seen some of my classmates get into. While also giving me the space to develop as a Muslim, and as a person  in my own right.

While I don’t think I was a difficult child as such, I was a loud and very active kid from what has been told to me from friends. I’ve calmed down a lot according to them, and according to my parents I’ll have to learn again to be a bit louder, to speak up. Something my father tells me, he too had to learn.

Other heroes in my life include the close friends of my family, they strengthened my identity as a Muslim in German society. Every Friday after the evening talk at our mosque everyone would sit together and talk about anything and everything. I got to learn a bit about how they grew up in the DDR as Muslims, I could identify with them, these were my  role models.

As a child I tended to, I don’t want to say hero worship, but be in awe of the adults around me I guess. As one grows older one realises that everyone is human, that everyone makes mistakes, that that is our nature. The only perfect role models are the Prophets they are ma’sum, (sinless) everyone else is fallible.

This doesn’t mean that I don’t love them as much as I did then, it just means that that love matured with me. So to conclude my heroes are my parents first and foremost, then my uncles and aunts biologically or in Islam.

I’m extremely grateful to all them, especially my parents, may Allah swt. accept their good deeds and forgive them all of their sins and grant them Janatul Firdaws.


Also see my first post on this blog, on Heroes specifically Heroines. Also while we are on the topic of heroes; yesterday a Pakistani school boy named Aitzaz Hassan Bangesh saved hundreds of his classmates, when a suicide bomber tried to set of the bomb on school grounds. Aitzaz was late to school and made to wait outside,  when he confronted the bomber at the school gates,  he panicked and subsequently detonated the bomb killing him and Aitzaz.

He is a true hero. In the Qur’an it says ,

We decreed to the Children of Israel that if anyone kills a person -unless in retribution for murder or spreading corruption in the land – it is as if he kills all mankind, while if any saves a life it is as if he saves the lives of all mankind.

[Quran The Feast 5:32]

In an article I read yesterday, the author writes that we don’t need to have a #millionaitzaz, but should ask ourselves are we are worthy of Aitzaz Hassan Bangash.

May Allah swt. forgives us our weaknesses and strengthen us towards this Deen and towards the betterment of society. May Allah grant him entrance to Jannat ul Firdaws as a matyr.

Wa Salam,


Cherish life

Cherish life, forget the strife

leave sadness be, leave anger be

let the moment live, free from all restraints

let the soul rejoice

Cherish it.

Let it hoist you to heights unknown

A moment with your loved ones

the warmth, the peace, the bonds kept

The green leaves, the trees, the hot sun

The sights to see. The things to learn. The Links you make.

The friends with you. Cherished forever.

With a single breath,   Alhamdulillah.

(All praise and gratitude is for Allah)

Random Act of Kindness

Today’s daily prompt at the dailypost is Random Act of KindnessTell us about the time when you performed a secret random act of kindness — where the recipient of your kindness never found out about your good deed. How did the deed go down?

This is actually something we are discouraged from doing in Islam, to tell people about something that you did in secret. First we try to do everything we do for the sake of God, to please Him. Islam can, according to some scholars, be reduced to two essential things, which is recurring in all Abrahamic faiths, that is to worship God and to serve humanity.

We always try to live by these maxims, everything we do should first have the right intention. We’re not doing this to please someone else, or please ourselves. This removes from us a degree of subjectivity, it doesn’t matter who the receiver of this random act of kindness is. It might be my mother or my sworn enemy. We do it because we try to earn God’s pleasure above all.

Secondly, because we do it for the sake of God, it should stay between us and Him. We’re not trying to look good in front of other people, saying we did this or that, gave this amount of money to a charity etc. No one else needs to know, especially the recipient of that act. Why  would you tell the recipient of an anonymous £1000 check that you were the one that sent it? No such things in my opinion should stay secret.

So rather than telling you about some random act of kindness I may have done, I’d like to tell you about something I’ve been following over the past few days. The Project for Awesome (P4A), a project to decrease world suck, which takes place on December 17-18 every year.

How it works, is that Online Creators create videos about their favourite charity which are then promoted and money is raised for these charities. The top ten of these videos as voted by the viewers will then receive the money. Currently  $794,601 has been raised and money is still trickling in 2 days after the live event.

Last year Aiman Azlan did a video which I found cool.

As Muslims we should continuously do good, and encourage goodness. I just received a Press release by the Islamic Education and Research Academy (iERA) titled “Help Britain get through this winter!” 

Reminding us that the prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) instructed Muslims: “Whoever believes in Almighty God and the Last Day let him treat his neighbour well.” He further explained that “He is not a believer, he who eats to his fill, whilst his neighbour besides him goes hungry.” Encouraging Muslims across the UK to serve their communities this winter and giving practical tips on how to do that.

Practical things you can do to help this winter:
  1. Support the Age UK ‘Spread the Warmth’ campaign.
  2. Keep checking on your neighbours, particularly the elderly and vulnerable – offer to do their shopping for them if need be.
  3. Give out food (especially hot food) or invite your neighbours to your house.
  4. Come together and contact your local council for materials (snow shovels, grit) and help clear the snow if and when it arrives

Wa Allahu ‘Alam,

wa Alaikum Salam,


PS: Saying that we’re  not doing it for ourselves, also implies we’re not doing something so we can feel good about having done it.

Also there might be situations where you’re telling you did something, to encourage other people to do the same, that is fine.

A close call

It was a close call

near to the abyss, a deep fall

My partner had my back though,

held me back, held me close

We were close, both orphaned at young age

it was hard to gauge sometimes, whether we’d make it through the day

I fear the closure,

I feared the full measure of the law,

my partner bit the bullet for me

Taking a minute to say goodbye

Paid close attention, yes there was some tension

but we went through thick and thin

The world looked so dim

it was time to close down

drowning in bills, the orphanage shut down

This last heist was supposed to take care of all our little problems,

They caused us, with their close mindedness, I digress.

The kids were moved to different institutions,

they were close to my heart

seeing no other solution

tried a new start…

I failed…

Revenge is all that is on my mind now

Cough, cough the “winter” has taken me captive I’ve got a bad case of the colds…

Wa Salam,


Land of Confusion –
Daily Post

Do you mind if I smoke? Ehm no. Looking at the open window and his position next to it. I continue asking him about his day. Pertaining in some small talk, as some of my other room mates enter the kitchen.

A box filled with beer, a vodka bottle, and a bottle of Pepsi, enters with them. 

More conversations spring up, about random stuff, as they gradually begin to drink.

My room mates now laughing loudly. Can of beer in one hand, as he makes a joke about some girl. Another voices his opinion, that most girls just use you. I shake my head. Thanking God, he saved me from this.

How am I going to, as politely as possible, excuse myself from this? I ask myself…

Hoping the water cooker hurries up and the eggs fry themselves quicker, so I can get out of there, I’ve got an essay to write, don’t I?  Inconspicuously trying to smell my T-shirt, I sigh as my nose detects the stench of cigarettes on it. I hate cigarettes.

The guys now talking about some party in the past few weeks, where one of them was so drunk he started a fight with someone else, he lost.

Tea and egg finished cooking, I give my excuses, saying I’ll see them later.

Suddenly waking up, I look at my alarm clock, 3am. Someone was screaming, was I still dreaming? There it is again, this time coupled with laughter. I stand up, walk over to my basin I sprinkle water in my face, trying to clear my head. I step out of my room, one of my room mates and a girl are in front of the fire door, opposite of my room. “You guys are crazy”, I say and carry on to the toilet. Back in my room, I make ablution (wudhu), taking out my Quran and pray Tahajjud (voluntary night prayer) till Fajr (dawn prayer).

Sometimes, sometimes  I just feel totally out of place. Mostly it’s when I’m among people of my age. I do not take part in the “dating scene” for obvious reasons. Often though that and similar things is quite prevalent in the minds of those my age, “Which gal is hot?”.

Whereas the injunction from the Quran is:

“Tell believing men to lower their eyes and guard their private parts: that is purer for them. God is well aware of everything they do.”

Quran [24:30]

I’ve taken to not leaving my room, except when absolutely necessary, on Friday or Wednesday nights.  I feel out of place on a weekly occurrence at least.

Thank You Daily Post.

Wa Salam,