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Deception: A study of Shaitan

Salam Alaykum,

This weekend I have the opportunity to take part in a class once again taught by one of my favourite shuyukh, Shaykh Saad Tasleem. May Allah keep him. Alhamdulillah same as last year when he came, through the Tawfiq of Allah, we had the chance to have him as Khatib.


The Almaghrib class is named Deception: A study of Shaitan (in your life), since hearing the announcement of this class I’ve been anticipating it coming to Qabeelat Mass. (the Bradford Tribe of Almaghrib) So here it is I’ve been thinking of writing a short piece of poetry at the end of every day to kind of sum-up the things learned inshaAllah. It depends on how much time I have realistically, I have a deadline to meet on Wednesday and an Exam on Tuesday. So don’t hold me to that, but I’ll try Bithnillahi ta’ala (With the permission of Allaah the most High).

Wa Salam,