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The hot sun rises

Thanking God for the rain clouds

Wait we’re in England

Somewhere someone dies

No clean water can be found

We complain daily

 Don’t  you think about
The Colourless sip of Gold
Favours of your lord

Children are laughing

The splashing sound of water

A smile on your face

So which of the favours of your Lord would you deny?
[Quran 55:38]

#January – Being Thankful

Cherish life

Cherish life, forget the strife

leave sadness be, leave anger be

let the moment live, free from all restraints

let the soul rejoice

Cherish it.

Let it hoist you to heights unknown

A moment with your loved ones

the warmth, the peace, the bonds kept

The green leaves, the trees, the hot sun

The sights to see. The things to learn. The Links you make.

The friends with you. Cherished forever.

With a single breath,   Alhamdulillah.

(All praise and gratitude is for Allah)

A close call

It was a close call

near to the abyss, a deep fall

My partner had my back though,

held me back, held me close

We were close, both orphaned at young age

it was hard to gauge sometimes, whether we’d make it through the day

I fear the closure,

I feared the full measure of the law,

my partner bit the bullet for me

Taking a minute to say goodbye

Paid close attention, yes there was some tension

but we went through thick and thin

The world looked so dim

it was time to close down

drowning in bills, the orphanage shut down

This last heist was supposed to take care of all our little problems,

They caused us, with their close mindedness, I digress.

The kids were moved to different institutions,

they were close to my heart

seeing no other solution

tried a new start…

I failed…

Revenge is all that is on my mind now

Cough, cough the “winter” has taken me captive I’ve got a bad case of the colds…

Wa Salam,


The aches and pains

Head held high, despite the pain

Within air level, approximately 30 metres high

In a small room, slowly growin’ insane

Gasping, releasing a slow sigh

Feels like an orchestrate playin’

the squeak of a mouse, no of a crayon

 and nails on a chalkboard

all in my head

feelin’ heavy like lead

The mouse (cursor) blinkin’ in blank space

waitin’ on me,  probably gettin’ bored

I got nothin’.

This Headache is killin’ all the cre-a-ti-vit-y.

My usual exaggeration…

Wa Salam,



Something is bubbling, spewing and churning inside of me,

a tingling in my feet. I  fell asleep.

My whole being did, soul, heart, body and mind, it went deep.

Time to let myself be free.

The expression of my self stunted, frozen in space,

the tingling spreads, this feeling as if dipped into the black sea, you see it wasn’t supposed to be like this.

They said, I was meant to reach high but all I ever did was jump once in a while, always crashing back never reaching, never earning, always missing what I aimed to do.

A pitch black maze came into life around me, around the time of accountability.

My sins commanding me, see  this was all about looking out for number I.

I died, a dead man walking,  see the despair around me?

A blind man watching. Hear the screams travelling over seas?

A deaf man hearing.

Fearing terror. Loving lust, reaching just for dust.

They hail me as one living, feeling, thinking entity

but don’t they know  that I have died, sinking, drowning in the coldness that is, me?

But that was then and this is now.

I’m telling you how my being came back to what it was meant to be

what is expected of me,

before I finally perish here, here on Gaia.

My heart is stirring, beating to this beautiful ayah.

[ Al-Baqarah 2:186 ]

 Trying to respond, anything else would surely be my doom.

Believing in Him, Trusting and Worshipping only Him, striving for this deen.

Gaining strength, to walk the straight path, at least an arms length.

For this is what I was meant to do, for this is what I always wanted to do.

Warmth surrounding me now,

I silently make this vow,

to always return to Him, for my me is nothing without Him.

Now or ever, to never let my self, my I, have a higher rank.

A blanket covering me, my rizq. Ya Allah grant me sakinah.

My eyes open,

No longer deaf to the sweet sounds of comfort.

No longer blind to the beauty of this life, with its tribulations and desperation, its peace and bliss .

I am Awake.

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In a boring materials lecture

I wanna be free, not tied by the head, shoulders, knees and toes.

I’m shackled to my desk trying to get this of my chest.

Lectures, conjectures, figuring out crazy inscriptions, mathematics, logic, psychotics.

Wanting to just shut my mind off, stop thinking, just go with the flow.

I wanna be free, like a bird, a falcon or an eagle soaring high in the sky.

Flying over fields of grass, so low my feet graze the straws, or so high grazing the stars becomes a possibility.

I’d hide out in a hut made out of straws and mud in the rainforest, a fortress just for me, imagine soldiers trying to take over my wall of boulders.

A gust of cold wind flutters in, drops of water splatters on my face. I bring my wings further in, tightly around my body. Feeling just a little bit lonely. I seriously need a hobby or a mate, Anyway. Doesn’t matter. I’m so tired. Sleep.

The sun is shining, so hot,  so blinding, my feathers ruffled and I’m so puzzled/dazzled. An oasis, water in the faaaaaaar, or not. I cannot bare this any longer, I might die from hunger. Scavenger over me.

A caravan passing by, with its different pots and pans, spices and fragrances, drums and Baskets full of water! Their cloth and jewelry. I follow the drums and night breaks in. A big fire is lit, stories are told and shared, drums hit. I listen to the sweet poetry and  quietly drift off into the night, belly filled.

I’d spread my wings, a storm brewing up, strong gusts of wind the waves high. A ship riding on the waves, like a roller-coaster. Th next minute everything is calm a lazy gust wraps itself around my feathers like a soft hug.

I reach the coast, large riffs, a light tower in the distance. A fisher boat floating on the water, fishing lines overboard. One of my cousins snaps up a fish still flapping on the deck. Full beak ahead. I’m pretty hungry myself. Watching the sun set in the water, the stars singing hello. Clouds brewing up, a stronger wind waves now, it starts to drizzle, even colder now. It starts to snow, the white glitter, stuck in my feathers glittering in the light of street lamps. My feathers frozen. I land near a large window, a bit warmer now. Inside a family of 7 sitting around the television watching Lilo and Stitch. A baby laughing in the lap of her father, wildly reaching in the air, staring at me, with her cute eyes. And 2 older girls, one seemingly about to sleep on the legs of her father , the other watching with rapt attention, now laughing out loud at the scene her brothers are making. A reenactment in big style. The whole family falls to giggling.

Sooo, I won’t go into a new topic today, that’s the end of the lesson. Do you have any questions? Okay, you’re free to go.


#MyProphetTaughtMe to be balanced in everything I do.

Not to, only have a fit body but a fit state of mind too.

To accept and respect everyone’s opinion, but make mine the middle path.

Listen. He thaught me,

to cry from the fear of the punishment and judgement of God

and also to sob and hope, that my hubb (my love) to God is enough to make up for the sins

that I commited while I benefited from His never-ending, Mercy and Love.

To laugh and smile often, but not to exaggerate. To celebrate, and live life to the fullest,

but not to forget death to the best of my ability.

To take care of the orphans and my actions.

To give to the less fortunate, whether I’m living it large or under a bridge.

To be strict and harsh, at times needed but lenient and soft especially when things get a little heated.

This, is just a small fraction of what MyProphetTaughtMe. What did he teach you?

A Struggle and Happy New Year 2013

So it is almost upon us, I’ve taken the liberty to post this a bit later than I would normally, to wish you and your family a good start into the year of 2013, may God bless us and make this a fruitful year.

That said, let’s go on to the first post according to schedule, let’s let this year pass in revue, it was a busy year.

Sunken ships and blame games early this year, the biggest bail-out for Greece, the Queens Jubilee, the Arab spring and various coup d’etat, the phone hacking scandal and its consequences, a shoot-out in France, the Olympics and Paralympics, Gun-men and hate-crimes, Burmese clashes, the war in Gaza, among other things. Yes, this Year has been filled with quite a lot, if I might say so.


A struggle.


Life’s a struggle, hold tight.

3rd most searched term on Google, category Man … kind

was Amanda Todd’s suicide, hold tight.

Rohingya’s crying,

Syria’s bleeding,

Gaza’s still tearing up,

my Heart on the verge of dying, hold tight.


Worst thing is, I miss the ability to cry

while I might share in the pain of theirs

It has happened so often and my heart is hard, my eyes dry

But I want to do something, anything that’ll help, show that I, that someone cares.

Hold tight.


I feel so useless, with this world in such a mess,

but maybe if I start with a change in me and address my failures

Then work on mine and the environment,

there might be a chance for contentment,

for everyone.

So hold tight let’s fight together forever united, connected and bonded in this plight.

InshaAllah we can change Mankind for the better, hold tight to God’s rope and never lose hope.