1/365 | Here’s to New Adventures

Bismillahi Ar-Rahmani Ar-Raheem
Al-Hamdu lillahi Rabbi Al-Alameen
In the name of Elohim
All Praise is due to Him

With this I begin
Far away from sin
With a clean slate
T’was truly fate

Almost drowned in mistakes
followed so many fakes
Soul sold in the pursuit
for a 7-2 offsuit

Then, I caught a break
realised there was more at stake
turned a new leaf
Cause he will arrive
like a thief in the night
God’s work is seen in the sights
In the mountains so firm and majestic
in the simplicity of a child so innocent and authentic
in the complexity of life.

Life’s a bundle of choices and voices
Choose your Adventures wisely.
Here’s to new Adventures!

About Mu610

22 year old German Muslim currently studying at Bradford University in the UK. Born in Marburg, raised in Berlin and spent 5 years in Nottingham then moving to Bradford in September '12. Is fluent in German and English and has some knowledge of French and Arabic, has an interest in learning Japanese, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Chinese and maybe Urdu for now.

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