Monthly Archives: September 2016

1. Read.Me


I love to read and can spend hours just reading whether that’s a book, I’m currently reading Angela Davis: Autobiography ( There’s a film is in production), Fanfiction (Yes, yes I do),  Blogs or articles. I often come across words spun together so well that they can inform, inspire or provoke, evoke sadness or laughter, and would like with these weekly posts to create a collection of those.

Read.Me will hopefully be a weekly reading digest published every Friday. These recommendations will be split up into English and German and will only contain those reads that actually interest me. So without further ado, a bit late, a mashup of this week’s and last week’s reads.


Lies: “Die” Sharia gibt es nicht: “Wären Sie so freundlich und würden mir ein Exemplar der Scharia zukommen lassen, vorzugsweise als PDF-Datei?” |  „Der Niqab ist ein ziemlich unpraktisches Kleidungsstück, um damit eine Bank zu überfallen“ | Deutsch-iranischer Frauenfußball | Islamischer Feminismus: Die Arbeit im Stillen |  “Die Mutter deiner Sprache ist jene, die den Weg deiner Wurzeln zeichnet, dich zurückbringt und auf den fruchtbaren Boden deiner Her- und Ankunft zieht und rückleitet.” | Lost im Grundgesetz |


Read:  The Guardian view on UN peacekeeping: “Failures and abuses by ‘blue helmets’ show the need for coordinated improvements” | The death of neoliberalism and the crisis in western politics | The way Muslim women in France are treated is “paternalistic”. | Why we wear the burkini:  no one should be prevented from being able to enjoy the beach, the beach is a human right: “On the 24th of April 1960 125 black people on the biloxi beach were left broken and bloodied, when white vigilantes showed up with clubs and chains and tire irons while Police stood aside.” | From a Same-Sex Attracted Muslim: “Do people think they shall be left to say, “We believe” and they shall not be tried?” | Meet Generation M: the young, affluent Muslims changing the world | Angela Merkel and Marine Le Pen: one of them will shape Europe’s future | Rio Paralympics and Channel 4: telling a new story about disability |