Entry IX

Salam Alaykum,

it has been a while since I’ve done a simple entry. I’ll try to do that more often inshaAllah. Summer holidays have started for me, my exams are over and the stress is giving away to a slight boredom or restlessness. Now that I’m thinking about it,  it has almost been a month since my last exam. Time does fly, though I’m somewhat disappointed now in how I’ve spent it.

I want to be more productive in general, but especially in Ramadan. During my Exam time I started to make lists on post-it notes to remind me of the things that I need to do. I split them up into categories, such as Revision, Reading, Writing etc. In Get Things Done style I added little circles next to each point and fill them when I’ve completed a task, or fill half if I’ve done at least half of what I wanted. It’s been working great during Exam season and since I’ve started to implement it again a week ago.  I don’t always get everything done, but I get more done than before. For anyone who may want to do something similar I’d advise to be ambitious, but don’t burn yourself out.

Until the last few  days, with the morning prayer very early, (around 3:30am ) I’ve given up on sleeping until I’ve prayed. It is perpetuating, my normal sleeping cycle broken. As I tend to write, read, surf until 1am it would be impossible for me to wake up at the right time. Falling asleep at around 4:30am it was not unusual for me to wake up at 2pm, with half the day over by the time I got myself properly awake. Not particularly good for productivity and in effect I stopped the post-its.

The solution would probably be to take a Qaylulah, that is to take an afternoon nap after the afternoon prayer (Asr) and get to bed straight after the night prayer (Isha) but to do that and everything else I want to do I need planning and ridding myself of the lethargy that has gripped me the past days; and so I’ve done another post-it for tomorrow, with Allah swt. help, I hope that I get to do at least half, if not all of the things on there, inshaAllah.

Plan 3rd May

Wa Salam,



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