Shaitan DeceptionSOS

Tomorrow is the exam of that class

on the Accursed who tries to influence our Nafs

His name is Shaitan, don’t fall to his plan.

Derived from shatta

to deviate or stray from the path, to a bath of fire

Another derivation is shatata

We all know he has transgressed and gone to the extremes, the liar

Shaytan, refers to The Shaytan or a Shaytan, its plural is shayatin

He is Iblis, the loss of hope, the one in despair.

For him there is no prayer

No way to enter the Deen.

All because he was arrogant, as described in [2:34]

this should chill you to the core.

Allah is the ally of those who believe, read [2:275]

At-Taghut are the allies of those who disbelieve in the most High

There is no one worthy of worship except Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala

Shaytan is an actual being, created by Allah

not a fallen angel his past state clarified by Ibn Taymiyyah

His origin one can gleam from [55:14-15]

Created before mankind, just like us to worship Him (swt.)

Don’t follow Shaytan by following your whim

Al-Jinn comes from janna, to conceal or cover

Among them the Shayateen, the Salihun and those who are neither

As related in [72:11]

The number of times Shaytan’s refusal of obedience is mentioned is 7

He is an open enemy to us, the one who was once raised in ranks

Developing delusions of grandeur and arrogance

Logic and Islam will never contradict

With [7:12] we delve into the excuses Shaytan produces

Fire is better than clay? We flip the script

 Iblis had incorrect Aqidah

like the Jabariyyah

Shaytan divulges his plan in [15:39] and [7:16-17]

 Never doubt the Deen…

…to be continued

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