Salam Alaykum,

a few days ago I  remembered that I was subscribed to the Art Assignment, and proceeded to watch all episodes to date. I watched the Stake-Out episode when it was released and thought….okay….ehm…maybe not? Okay I’ll be honest, I thought it was too much work, and chickened out of it and promptly forgot all about the Art Assignment.

Well now that my Semester is over, I found myself with a lot of free-time and found that I could think of something for Week 3. I had some experience in making GIFs from ages ago, and liked the idea of depicting something that I found indispensable and is intimate.

The first thing I thought about was the Qur’an, as Muslims we have a daily interaction with it. We read it at every possible occasion, when we are happy, sad, distressed, depressed, content, and what ever other state you can think of. Or at least we should, but we forget. The 5 daily Prayers make up the minimum of Qur’an that is read in an observing Muslims life. It was clear to me that this would be what I would choose for this Assignment.

So I started with some sketches. Noticed afterwards that I drew them the wrong way round, good thing I started with these.  


Then I started the drawings in one of my old sketchbooks looking for some paper without having to get out of my room.

First drawing

Then I started colouring them in using Colour Grip Pencils from Faber-Castell, which are water soluble and a little (lot of) paint to get different consistencies and colours.

Then I Photographed them not having a scanner available, it also being in the middle of the night. Opened the files in Adobe Illustrator and vectorised them through the live Paint feature which went almost without a hitch.

First illu 2nd Vector 3rd Vector 4th Vector

Then put them together using Photoshop’s Animation feature.


And there we are the finished product, it’s nothing big and I see quite a lot of space for improvement but I’m happy with the outcome, Alhamdulillah.


Felt like sharing how I made this, hope you like it inshaAllah.

Wa Salam,


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22 year old German Muslim currently studying at Bradford University in the UK. Born in Marburg, raised in Berlin and spent 5 years in Nottingham then moving to Bradford in September '12. Is fluent in German and English and has some knowledge of French and Arabic, has an interest in learning Japanese, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Chinese and maybe Urdu for now.

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