Confidence with regards to the Deen

Salam Alaykum,

in an age where people are fed false or inaccurate information through all kinds of media forms it is difficult to decide what is true out there in the sea of misinformation. From the food that we eat, that may or may not contain horse meat to the clothing, that may or may not be manufactured by a small Bangladeshi boy or girl for less than a dollar. We can not be hundred percent certain of what is truly happening behind the scenes as everyone is trying to sell us something. The more important it is for us to hold tight to our values, as people get more and more driven by profit and what seems to best for themselves, regardless of anyone else.

But how do we cling to our values and ethics, when they are unknown to a large majority of us? Imam Abu Hanifah rah. had his students watch him buying and selling he didn’t just teach them the fiqh the jurisprudence of trade but also the ethics of a Muslim Businessman. We have many Muslim Businessmen and women around but do they know anything about Islamic ethics? Or have they also been swept along the capitalist tide towards profit. We have forgotten what it means to be ethical. Where as we actually have more than before have the opportunity to show what Islam has to offer in the work place and in our normal interactions.

We have to become role model no one is perfect and no one asks you to be perfect but we have to make an effort, to take a step and Allah swt. will compensate it. In the last post in this series I talked about having confidence in Allah swt.

In this Post I want to discuss having confidence in our Deen, in Islam. In a post 9/11 world we have become reactionary from issue to issue, event to event. We need to get out of this mind set and be pro-active, we have been hijacked of our confidence in Islam. In knowing that Islam is true, in knowing that Islam contains solutions for our social problems. Whatever Problem we may have today, it’s been dealt with before maybe in a lesser extent but it will most likely have been dealt with once already. Whether it is the problem of Alcohol in Society, from abusive Partners and Parents, to drunk driving or Gambling or Promiscuity etc.

To be Confident that we have the solution if we were to search for it, is a condition of being pro-active. Otherwise we internalise the hate that is thrown at us daily, we begin to hate ourselves and Islam and the Muslims. We are there I think, I see youth my age drifting away not knowing the beauty of Islam, given in to outside voices. Not given enough information to work it out for themselves. Because their parents did not have the confidence and the knowledge to give them the information to satisfy their thirst, to give them the confidence in the Deen.

We have to inform ourselves. Let’s stop listening what others have to say about the Deen, read the Qur’an yourself. Know the Qur’an better than you know your favourite book. This is how we become confident, how we may speak up against those who try to vilify us and those who try to speak in our name. Sheikh Ahmed Deedat, was famous for speaking out in our name. He reprimanded us in a lecture of how “emasculated”, apologetic and self-depreciating we have become.

Let’s stop here, and learn about the Qur’an, the Seerah as well as knowledge from all other sectors. In Islam we do not divide between secular and religious knowledge, (in my opinion) it is knowledge if it brings you closer to Allah swt. and information if it doesn’t. Learn of other Religions and cultures and be assured and confident that Islam provides the best for you.

Wa Salam,



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