Videos? Love ’em XXVI

Salam Alaykum,

here are my favourite videos this week. As usual in the categories Islam in over and under 10 minutes, Youtube, Shorts, Vimeo, Motion Graphics and Parkour.


Under 10 minutes

A reminder for us that we are going to meet Allah swt., what are we going to say to Him? Do we have brought with us enough provisions? Do we realise that we long for Him? Then what have we done to deserve meeting Him, to deserve seeing Him swt. or do we try to fill this void with our desires of the world, ignoring our longing.

Over 10 minutes

This khutba is a small discussion of a snippet of Ayat 15 of Surah Al-Ahqaf.
“We have commanded man to be good to his parents – his mother struggled to carry him and struggled to give birth to him; his bearing and weaning took a full thirty months – and when he has grown to manhood and reached the age of forty to say, ‘Lord, help me to be truly grateful for Your favours to me and to my parents; help me to do good work that pleases You; make my offspring good. I turn to You; I am one of those who devote themselves to You.’”
[Quran 46:15]


A great concept, that has been redone. How would Spider-Man get around if his webs are used up? He of course is an accomplished traceur. Busting his moves in this nice video, with amazing shots.


This video truly was my favourite this week. I’m extremely happy for the brother, Mabruk. I’ve only known him through his videos and his blog but his sincerity and love for Islam, the Muslims and what he does shine through. MashaAllah, and I ask Allah swt. that he makes their marriage be one of tranquillity and love. I ask that He swt. makes them find the coolness of their eyes in their partner and keep them on the straight path, Amin.


This video beautifully captures the story step-by-step behind the craft of weaving silk and the hard work that these women do a lot of it by hand to make a scarf or pillow case.

Motion Graphics

In the style of an old instruction video, this instruction video instructs the attentive student the craft behind the illusion of life. These 12 principles were developed by the ‘old men’ of Walt Disney Studios, amongst them Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnston, during the 1930s as the creator of this video tells us in its description.


This is the very moving story of a couple who weathered through the aftermath of an accident causing traumatic brain injury, finding strength in their faith. This is the story of Ian and Larissa.
Honourable Mention:

Wow. So till next week, yeah?
Wa Salam,

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