Truthfulness to Allah

Salam Alaykum

Allah swt. knows. He knows everything about us. He knows the secrets that we covet, the feelings we hide, He knows us more intimately than anyone else ever will. With all of the sins that we have stacked up, He still lets us walk on this earth, breathe in the air, let it fill our nostrils and enjoy life, in His Mercy. The only thing He asks of us, is that we return to Him, that we are truthful to Him. Realising that He is the only One worthy of our worship, not our sticks that we carry with us.

In a Khutba Ustadh Mohamad Baajour, narrated the story of Musa as. in a way I never thought of before, focusing on his stick. In the Quran Allah swt. tells us that He asked Musa as. what was in his right hand, of course knowing what it is, having created it, the hand holding the stick, Musa as. and everything around him, but He draws attention to it.

Musa as. replies that,  this is my stick, the possessive adjective implying that it is important to him, that he uses it all the time, that he is “dependant” on it. That he leans on it, brings down leaves with it to feed his sheep, and many other things. Still Allah swt. asks him to throw it, to cast it away, the thing that he “depends” on so much and he does so without question, immediately.

He gave something dear to him up for Allah’s swt. sake trusting Him completely, what are we willing to give up for Allah swt.? Did he see the good that came out of throwing the stick immediately? No, it turned into a fast moving snake and Allah swt. asks him to pick it up. But this stick then defeats with Allah swt. permission, the snakes of Pharao’s magicians and brings forth twelve streams for the Sons of Israel.

What is done for Allah swt. will remain forever, everything else perishes, until we are truthful with Allah swt., we are truly lost.

Allah swt. says in the Quran:

Do people think they will be left alone after saying “We believe” without being put to the test? We tested those before them: God will certainly mark out which ones are truthful and which are lying.

[Quran The Spider 29:2-3]

The greatest action we can do is being truthful to Allah swt. and the worst we can do is to lie to Allah swt. to try to deceive the One who knows us better than we know  ourselves.

Allahumma  arina al-haqqa haqqan warzuqna ittiba’ah, wa arina al-batila batilan warzuqna ijtinabah

O Allah! Show us Truth as Truth and give us ability to follow it and show us Falsehood as Falsehood and give us the ability to avoid it.

Wa Salam,


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