Being true to yourself or The Moon

Sitting on the cold hard floor, the night welcoming free thought. Gone the bustle of the day, left is a cool breeze flowing lightly across my skin. The moon clearly visible, now leaning over the veranda’s railing, enraptured by its beauty.  A clear night stars illuminating the sky, a few lamps here and there, the streets quiet, my family sleeping.
An Ayah comes to my mind.

And He has subjected for you the night and day and the sun and moon, and the stars are subjected by His command. Indeed in that are signs for a people who reason.

[Quran The Bee 16:12]

The thing is, we are not taking the time to reason, to think, to let oneself go, free oneself from the worlds distraction. We are lured towards it, fed constant information with no time to process and are expected to have an opinion right now, on everything.

We live in a time of deception, fooling everyone including ourselves of our invincibility our unmeasurable strength and beauty. Like a portrait that is faked and sold at an extortionate price. The price of losing who we are, what we are and why we are. We have fallen to self-deception, one being true to him or herself has become a cop-out to do stupid things, to do whatever we want. Created out of our want to be accepted, to feel valued for being who we are, but being what we aren’t. Two-faced instead of multifaceted.

Looking at the bright moon, I see just one face. One face that takes its time to reveal as I get to know its phases and its full potential. Time that we do not take, to ponder, who we are. What our purpose is, are we just here to eat, poop and die? Being true to oneself is to realise that we are slaves, but to whom is the question. Are we enslaved to the capitalist market the want for more, our inner desires, our fake portraits or do we place our purpose higher?

Truthfulness is the conformity of the outer with the inner, speech with deed, and narrative with reality.

[Salîm al-Hilâlî, Bahjatu-n-Nâdhirîn]

Wa Salam,

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