Take a seat while I’ll put the kettle on

Now, headaches you say, feeling under the weather?

Things can’t be undone?

Are you stressed, is the pressure getting to you?

Sleep a lot but still not feeling rested, isn’t that true?

Your eyes ache, a lot is at stake

as the strain on you brain grows bigger

it triggers a signal in that house of cards

That deck of nerves.

Use the force or flee the area

Longest essay I will ever write, due tomorrow, no hysteria

Blank page staring at me its straight lines curves

It winks at me.

Life determining exam next week

wait, what! Sasuke defeats Kabuto with the help of his dead Aniki?

But know in all of this.

That nothing compares to the Day of Judgement

there is no fight or flight in this.

All of this is His Domain, seek Enlightenment.

So where will you run to, where are you going?

Do what you want, do what you must.

This will be your doing.

In God we trust. 

Excel in all you do, with no pressure.

Be like a traveller, wherever.

A loud whistle breaks my thoughts, time for some Tea.

About Mu610

22 year old German Muslim currently studying at Bradford University in the UK. Born in Marburg, raised in Berlin and spent 5 years in Nottingham then moving to Bradford in September '12. Is fluent in German and English and has some knowledge of French and Arabic, has an interest in learning Japanese, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Chinese and maybe Urdu for now.

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