Entry IV

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Salam Alaykum,

finishing of the poster for Discover Islam Week. It is very late and entirely my fault, should have started working on it weeks ago. I’ve wanted to do something with 3D elements in it for some time now, but was and am not that skilled in 3D modelling. So tutorials were what got me to this.

Two different things merged together I don’t know if they will take this one or one without the landscape in front but they will have to pick one of the two hahaha, I’ve got no time to restart anything at the moment. The Pattern might change as well, need to vectorise another picture.

The original, also the one that saw its light at the Dawah Workshop with Hamza Tzortzis today, was entirely black and white, the only colour was the yellow strip of the Kaaba. Apparently not enough colour for some, I’d like to not go back to Cinema 4D to change the colour, so hope it is enough to just overlay a pattern and delete the parts that are over the important bits. InshaAllah, InshaAllah!

So this has pretty much been my existence the last two weeks and the reason that I have almost no time to write a proper post about something important. The next 2 longer post I write will hopefully be firstly about having humility with regards to Allah and secondly about the Workshop today, many things came up that just got me thinking.

With that salam,




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